12 Women Share the Worst Valentine's Day Gifts They Ever Received

12 Women Share the Worst Valentine's Day Gifts They Ever Received

Get ready to cringe over these truly awful Valentine’s Day gifts.

By: Maria Mora

Sometimes guys seriously miss the mark on Valentine’s Day. We asked women to share the worst gifts they’ve ever gotten, and the responses are hilarious -- and cringeworthy.

1. Inappropriate jewelry. "A solid golden necklace with a heart that had our initials carved into it,” says Indra from Michigan. “I was 14 years old. I gave it back and broke up with him. I found it super creepy and felt like it put me under loads of pressure. The guy was married by 18."

2. Nothing. “My (now ex) boyfriend of three years decided on Valentine’s Day that we were not exchanging gifts,” says Maggie from Texas. “I feel like that is something you have to agree upon in advance. Because I definitely made an elaborately cheesy gift for him!"

3. Questionable hair accessories. “I got a set of three hair turbans,” says Mary from California.

4. The wrong everything. “A blue dress two sizes too small to ‘match my eyes’ (I have green eyes),” says Daisy from Illinois. “And dinner where I was asked to order water to keep costs down.”

5. Dead flowers. “He said they were alive when he bought them last week,” says Beth from Minnesota.

6. Unwanted advances. "Any Valentine's Day gift received from someone you dislike is a bad one,” says Jennifer from Washington. She cites flowers from an irritating coworker as an example.

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7. One earring. “I got an earring once,” says Rebecca from Florida. “Just one earring. He said I'd get the other one for our anniversary, which was a month later. Then we broke up.”

8. Startling mornings. “An alarm clock,” says Marcia from Texas.


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9. Unflattering pants. “Sweatpants,” says Ilina from North Carolina. “The kind with elastic at the ankles."

10. An ending. “I got a breakup,” says Audrey from New York. “Via email.”

11. The pity gift. “I think my mother and grandmother got me a card and a gift, which only made the lack of a gift from a boy that much worse,” says Jill from Maryland, who hated Valentine’s Day at an all-girls’ school.

12. A cactus. “I got a Valentine's Day cactus from my husband at the time,” says Jenni of Tennessee. “Worst part was he really believed he was being romantic.”

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten on Valentine’s Day?

Maria Mora is a single mom, editor, and hockey fanatic. She lives with her two sons in Florida.

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