14 Women Share How They Handle Their Husbands’ Most Ridiculous Habits

14 Women Share How They Handle Their Husbands’ Most Ridiculous Habits

Women share the sneaky, smart ways they deal with their husbands’ worst quirks.

By Lauren Brown

Full disclosure: My husband is the love of my life, my best friend, and biggest supporter of all my crazy dreams and schemes. I disclose this so it doesn’t sound quite as horrible when I admit how much he can also drive me nuts – with the little things. You know, like clipping his nails on the coffee table -- and leaving the disgusting evidence behind -- or leaving his laundry that needs to “dry flat” in the bathroom for weeks on end. I’ve hidden the clippers and even hidden his clothes, but I’ve come to accept that these annoying little habits are the “for better or for worse” piece of the marriage vows.

It never ceases to amaze me how someone I love so very much is the same person who can annoy me like no other. I’ve chalked it up to a hazard of living together for so many years – but I also needed to be sure I wasn’t alone. And oh, I certainly am not! Fifteen other happily married women were quick to confess their husbands’ most annoying habits and how they tried to fix them!

1. “He procrastinates on chores. I recently introduced a chores chart -- just like you would make for a kid -- and told him he would get a gold star sticker for every chore he completed. He scoffed at it at first, but it's been working!” -- Samantha F., Los Angeles, California

2. “He leaves ALL cabinet doors open. I have no idea why it happens. It's a non-solution, but I get up from what I'm doing like a crazy person and close the cabinets. Or, if he's still in the kitchen, I point it out and he closes them. The weirdest part about it is that he usually has no recollection of leaving them open.” -- Brianne D., West Long Branch, New Jersey

3. “My husband leaves lights on in the house everywhere. All the time! It drives me crazy! I use the humorous passive-aggressive technique: I tell him how there's this fascinating new technology called light switches. They can turn lights both on and OFF!” -- Brett G., Plantation, Florida

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4. “He doesn't tell me when he finishes the last of something he knows my daughter and I primarily eat -- like peanut butter or popcorn -- so I can get more when I'm out. I always find out when I reach for it and it isn't there! I've started an off-limits shelf, and he's not allowed to touch that stuff.” -- Mary W., Stamford, Connecticut

5. “My husband bites his nails/cuticles, and it drives me crazy. I make sure to only have [children’s] bandages in the house as a punishment.” -- Jaime S., Orlando, Florida

6. “First of all, he is the loudest snorer on the planet. We temporarily solved this problem by getting him a mouth guard but after a while it got kind of gunky, and he hasn't ordered a new one so we're back to square one. Generally, if I push him over to his other side, the snoring subsides enough for me to go back to sleep. Then, we have the issue of him eating jam out of a jar with a spoon, and putting it back in the fridge. It's disgusting. For that, I just hide the jam I think I'll want to use for me and the kids. I realize [how] this sounds. The man has many wonderful qualities - these are the most annoying ones.” -- Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

7. “My husband always insists on dropping the temperature lower and lower in the house until the rest of the family is wearing sweaters in August. He works nights and sleeps days, so I wait until he falls asleep in the morning and push the thermostat up to what I like to keep the house at.” -- Jen A., Kissimmee, Florida

8. “My husband will put all of his plates in the sink after he's done eating, but this only occurs with lunch and dinner. Breakfast? No. Those dishes, for whatever reason, he'll let sit on the table until the end of time. But when he DOES put plates in the sink, he puts every single thing in the sink. A chicken bone with sauce all over? A huge pile of potatoes? Half a steak? The balled-up napkin he used? Yes. Everything. It's so, so gross. We have had many discussions about these things over the course of our eight-year marriage -- three guesses as to whether anything has changed! I love him still.” -- Lexi F., Albuquerque, New Mexico


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9. “The wet towel on the bed in the morning drives me crazy. He knows it bothers me, and I don't think he does it on purpose, it's just not a big deal for him. Since I'm a newlywed, I only call it out once every three or four times with humor.” -- Julie S., New York City

10. “I cannot stand when my husband hangs his disgusting smelly clothes from his workout all over the shower -- especially when I want to take a shower. I don't want to smell them or touch them. I yell at him all the time and now he hangs them all over the bedroom -- socks too. Drives me insane!” -- Dorothy S., New York City

11. “This is so gross. My husband does have allergies, but I don't think that is the 100 percent of the problem. He basically has snot in his nose (which most of us would get a tissue and blow), but he snorts it back up his nose -- like a little kid. He does it completely out of habit and does it in front of friends, family, coworkers. IT IS DISGUSTING. My only trick on dealing with it is to ignore it. I know he won't change.” -- Lisa M., Howell, Michigan

12. “Globs of toothpaste in the sink and spots in the mirror drive me nuts. Dual sinks let me avoid it until I had to clean it.” -- Michelle T., Darien, Connecticut

13. “My husband loses stuff all the time -- his glasses and his keys mostly. He is so smart, but also has his head in the clouds. I usually help him, but sometimes I pretend I don't hear him so he has to search for a while.” -- Amy I., Stamford, Connecticut

14. “He plays games on the tablet before bed or when I ask him to do or help me with something. So, I threaten to withhold sexy time and that thing goes off right away!” -- Maria W., South Norwalk, Connecticut

How were you successful in getting your husband to kick an annoying habit?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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