The Sweet, Funny Moments 17 Women Knew They’d Met 'The One'

The Sweet, Funny Moments 17 Women Knew They’d Met 'The One'

Was it the roller skates or his cute butt? Women spill what made them fall in love!

By Wendy Robinson

My husband and I have been together for more than a decade, but I can still remember the exact moment I realized he was “The One.” We’d met at a friend’s housewarming party and as he walked me to my car at the end of the night, he asked me for my phone number and then said, “Do I have to pretend to be cool and wait three days to call you? Or can I just call you tomorrow and ask you on a date?” and then he planted a big kiss on my lips.

I was done for. We were engaged four months later and I still like those big kisses.

I also like LOVE hearing other people’s stories of realizing when they’d met “The One,” like these 17 ladies:

1. “On probably our third or fourth date, things fell apart when I got a little TOO hungry (I have a problem, OK?). I totally snapped at my then-boyfriend, but he took it in stride, got me fed, and forgave me. I knew right then I should probably marry this man -- and a few years later, I did!” -- Sheri R.

2. “I had gone through a bad breakup and wasn't all that keen on jumping back into the dating pool. Then at a party, I met my husband, John. We exchanged business cards and talked some (OK, a LOT!). The next day I went out to lunch with a girlfriend and she asked if I had started dating again yet. I pulled out John's card and said, ‘No, but when I do, THIS is the one I want.’ Some time later, he had confessed a similar ‘feeling.’” -- Melissa H.

3. “Knew he was the one when he put a Santa on the roof, which had always been my lifelong dream.” -- Jen D.

4. “He pretended to be into roller skating after I mentioned I like to skate for exercise. I invited him to go with me and he showed up with brand new skates that he literally bought on the way there and then spent the rest of the afternoon crashing to the ground as he tried to keep up with me. The fact that he was able to fess up and laugh about it afterward made me fall in love.” -- Gracie M.

5. “I knew my husband was a keeper when he asked me on a date and used the word ‘date’ -- none of this ‘hanging-out,’ avoiding-defining-the-relationship crap.” -- Meredith S.

6. “I didn't ‘know.’ I made a deliberate choice. Actually, when he proposed I said, ‘Hold on, let's make a pros and cons list.’ He wasn't pleased. I think marriage is a daily choice to love and live with another person for life. Sometimes it's an easy decision and sometimes it's SO hard.” -- Sarah B.

7. “We met online so had ‘chatted’ a lot before I actually saw him. Then when I saw him, I knew ... also, he is the opposite of me and I didn’t want to marry me!” -- Jaclyn D.

8. “My wife and I met online. We dated for a while and I knew after about a month that she was the one I was supposed to be with. I would go with her to the office and I would lay on her floor with my blankets and pillow and hang out while she did after-hours lawyer work.” -- Kim N.

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9. “After he met my twin sister for the first time, he said ‘Man, I lucked out and ended up with the really cute one!’ which just cracked me up and made me want to spend the rest of my life with him.” -- Beth T.


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10. “We’d only been dating a few weeks when I got an AWFUL case of food poisoning. After a man camps out in front of your bathroom door while you are sick from both ends – well, you probably better marry him.” -- Michelle V.

11. “It was a bunch of small things, really. Like that he remembered my coffee order and always held open the car door for me. The longer I knew him, the more I liked him.” -- Mara D.

12. “We are a mixed race couple and I knew he was the one when I sat down to have a serious conversation about it and asked, ‘Does the fact that I’m black give you doubts?’ and he made a mock stunned look on his face and yelled (in a crowded restaurant) ‘WHAT? I didn’t know you were black!’ and proceeded to fall out of his chair. He makes sure I don’t take life too seriously!” -- Jeanette R.

13. “I saw his butt in jeans. SOLD.” -- Marley H.

14. “He is known among our friends as the ‘baby whisperer.’ How do you not fall in love with a hot dude walking around with a sleeping baby on his shoulder?” -- Carly W.

15. “I never, ever wanted to marry someone who was divorced until I met my now-husband. He was so respectful of how he talked about his ex and was such a great dad to his girls that I knew he was the kind of guy I wanted to be with.” -- Melanie A.

16. “On our first date, I noticed that he was unfailingly polite to everyone we met. I love a man with manners.” -- Hope D.

17. “Being with him was like scratching an itch.” -- Jeannie S.

Ah, love! How did you know your “one” was “the one”?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at

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