17 Ways Men Have It Better, According to Women

17 Ways Men Have It Better, According to Women

Some things are just easier when you’re a man. What would you add to our list?

By: Leah Maxwell

“Life isn’t fair.” We’ve all heard it before, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept, especially when it’s unfair because of things we can’t change. For instance, there are many things to love about being a woman, but when you think about the things that aren’t so great, you may find yourself looking longingly at the men in your life and wondering why they have it so easy.

No matter how you shake it, men and women are different, and although different is good in a lot of ways, sometimes it feels like we ladies are getting the raw end of the deal. From petty grievances to substantiated complaints, here’s why women think men have it easier:

1. “My boyfriend can walk into a store, buy his size of clothes, and they magically fit! No trying things on in the dressing room! Makes me crazy.” -- Danielle W., 42, Boise, Idaho

2. “At their parents’ house, they are allowed to be a kid again, even if they have their own kids to (presumably) care for.” -- Julie O., 45, Frederick, Maryland

3. “He can roll out of bed and be ready for work in under five minutes. Me, not so much.” -- Ashley G., 32, Tallahassee, Florida

4. “My husband lost 7 pounds once by doing some pushups. I am not even kidding.” -- Jennifer B., 41, Shelburne, Vermont

5. “They don’t get pregnant, give birth, have periods.” -- Rebecca M., 32, Dublin, California

6. “No one asked my husband if he was going back to work after our son was born and then judged him on his answer.” -- Lisa M., 35, Oakland, California

7. “They can change out of a wet swimsuit in public without a lot of calisthenics.” --Maya B., 35, Ojai, California

8. “No one has ever asked my husband if he has my permission to buy something.” -- Brooke K., 33, Peoria, Arizona

9. “It’s much less expensive for them to keep up their appearance, especially in a professional setting.” -- Maria M., 34, St. Petersburg, Florida

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10. “They look better as they age.” -- Christine D., 41, Greenbelt, Maryland


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11. “Women are treated as though they’re missing out on valuable motherhood time when they’re at work, whereas dads/men aren’t fed that guilt.” -- Tamara B., 38, Los Angeles, California

12. “When they have kids, their careers generally improve and they get paid more.” -- Sara F., 32, Chicago, Illinois

13. “No bras.” --Erin J., 32, Memphis, Tennessee

14. “They don’t spend three days agonizing over some action (unfriending someone from Facebook, declining an invitation) because they’re worried they’ll look mean.” -- Kelly O., 33, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

15. “Random strangers don’t tell them they’d look prettier if they’d just smile.” -- Hillary W., 32, Coquitlam, British Colombia

16. “My boyfriend does not worry about projecting his own negative body-image issues onto his daughter, the way I do with my girls.” -- Cindy W., 38, Raleigh, North Carolina

17. “The world is their bathroom.” -- Sky C., 38, Milford, New Hampshire

How do the men in your life have it easier?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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