26 Women Share the Moment They Knew Their Husbands Were 'The One'

26 Women Share the Moment They Knew Their Husbands Were 'The One'

Fall in love with these sweet (and hilarious) stories about finding the perfect match.

By Leah Maxwell

Love happens on its own schedule. Sometimes, it hits you in one blinding moment of clarity, and sometimes it sneaks up on you, slowly and quietly, and taps you on the shoulder. We asked women how they knew their husbands were “The One” -- was it something he did or said, or was it the way he made you feel? -- and their answers are a reminder that true love arrives in many different ways.

1. “He offered to help me with my homework even though he wasn’t attending classes. He read Paradise Lost for me in 48 hours.” -- Sam C., Wheaton, Illinois, married 13 years

2. “In Key West, I was sunburned, but insisted on staying out. He made me take a nap, then went and bought aloe and [a sports drink] while I slept. I kept insisting I was fine! NBD! I was not. He recognized that much sooner than I did.” --Kate W., Denver, Colorado, married four years

3. “I saw him kissing someone else after I had turned him down, and it made me super mad.” -- Amy W., Bloomington, Illinois, married six years

4. “We liked the same pizza toppings. That’s one of many reasons, but it’s an important one. Pizza compatibility!” -- Betsy B., El Cerrito, California, married 16 years

5. “My future husband took me to his Eagle Scout ceremony about a month after we started officially dating. His troop leaders spent 45 minutes talking about how GREAT he was, with stories of his wonderfulness and good character, and I was like, ‘This is a really good guy. I should probably marry him.’ And I was right. And I did.” – Katrina R., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married four years

6. “I knew because when he dumped me for no reason, I didn’t care. (Because I knew he'd come back. And he did.) Normally, a breakup would’ve sent me into Obsessive Stalker Mode, but I was all, ‘Eh. It won’t last. He’ll take it back.’” -- Lisa G., Benton, Arkansas, married 24 years

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7. “We bombed our first date; he scheduled a do-over and made the reservations, so that I could go running first. When I forgot my sports bra at home another day, he picked it up and brought it to me. And one night he was like, ‘You work out, I’ll cook dinner.’ He persevered with making sure I was happy doing my own things. That was an important quality to me.” -- Sarah P., Durham, North Carolina, married 10 years

8. “Once, we were going on a date, and he waved at some people on the street, and I was all, ‘Do you know them?’ and he was like, ‘No, I just like messing with people,’ and I was like, ‘THIS IS IT. I LIKE MESSING WITH PEOPLE, TOO.’” -- Sarah W., Vacaville, California, married six years

9. “On our second date, my now-husband asked me if I wanted to go to the bookstore together. Dunzo.” -- Katie D., West St. Paul, Minnesota, married seven years

10. “When I was younger, my friends and I would go to the beach and joke about swimming to Ireland to find Irish boys to marry. At 27, I met a boy from Ireland and pretty much instantly knew. Eight years later, I’m even more sure.” -- Melissa H., Chicago, Illinois, married two years

11. “We were on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and we stopped to eat at a stand on the beach. A little boy came to ask if my fiancé wanted his shoes shined. He said no, but after we got our food, he asked the boy if he was hungry and invited him to sit with us and eat. He shared our food with him and talked to him about his family. My heart melted at his simple kindness. I was already in love with him, but at that moment I knew his heart was made for mine. Hook, line, and sinker.” -- Katy F., Boston, Massachusetts, engaged two years

12. “His cat's name was Alex P. Kitten.” -- Christina P., Columbus, Ohio, married 13 years

13. “He greeted me at the airport with a small bouquet of wildflowers wrapped in a damp paper towel to keep them fresh. We had been dating three weeks. I was sold.” – Leandra G., Durham, North Carolina, married 13 years

14. “I ate something I hate on the first date and kept it to myself. No one inspires me like that. We have been together since that day.” -- Kim D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married 12 years

15. “He wrote me letters -- first pretty tame, then serious love notes (in awful handwriting). Sometimes 10 pages or longer.” -- Nora R., Westport, Connecticut, married nine years

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16. “We aren’t married, but the first time my daughter (who was then 2) ran to him and he picked her up, I knew he was my Forever Guy.” -- Cindy W., Raleigh, North Carolina, together three years

17. “When I got a job offer in another state, I asked him what he thought about coming with me. We’d been together about two months, I think. I knew then that we’d get married.” -- Elsha V., Kansas City, Kansas, married eight years

18. “We went skinny-dipping under the stars, and I thought, ‘This guy. This is the future right here.’” -- Heather H., Oakland, California, married eight years

19. “I couldn’t sleep after our first date, because I was so excited to call my mom in the morning and tell her all about it.” -- Jen G., Seattle, Washington, married 10 years

20. “Pretty early on, even before we had really agreed/realized that we were in a relationship, I was letting my mind wander, and suddenly imagined us dancing at our wedding. It startled me, but also felt very right. I figured my heart knew something my brain hadn't acknowledged yet.” -- Kelly D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married eight years

21. “It didn’t annoy me that he wanted to open my car door for me.” -- Norah B., Denver, Colorado, married five years

22. “He read my blog. He started at the beginning and read the whole thing. He wanted to know who I was, and that was new to me.” -- Julie S., Round Rock, Texas, married five years

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23. “He cooked me dinner on the third date. Confidence in the kitchen was sexy and won me over.” -- Katie D., Rochester, New York, married three years

24. “I thought I knew when we had been dating two weeks, and he kissed me and told me he could see us one day with kids. I knew knew when he came to my parents’ house and didn’t bat an eye when my 7-year-old brother wanted to climb on him like he was a jungle gym.” -- Deva C., Cincinnati, Ohio, married one year

25. “He called my grandma ‘Grandma’ when he met her for the first time.” -- Angela D., St. Louis, Missouri, married 13 years

26. “We chewed the same flavor of gum.” -- Jen W., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, married nine years

How did you know your husband was “The One”?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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