El Día del Niño (Children’s Day): 5 Ways to Celebrate

El Día del Niño (Children’s Day): 5 Ways to Celebrate

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Children’s Day? Check out our 5 celebration ideas!

By: Erin Raub

Wondering how Latinos around the world celebrate their little ones? To begin, there’s almost always a party at school. But if you can’t get your child’s teacher on board, no problem! Here are 5 ways you can bring the celebration of el día del niño into your own home:

1. Surprise Kids with a Special Gift
In almost every country, the biggest Children’s Day practice is to give your kids something special. Note, I didn’t say something expensive; Children’s Day is NOT about extravagance. With a modest $20 budget, you can surprise your little one with a toy figurine from his or her favorite cartoon or TV show.

2. Piñata in the Park
If it’s warm enough when you’re celebrating it, why not get the whole neighborhood involved in your Children’s Day celebration? Stuff a piñata with candy and small toys, and take it to the park (or school, or playdate,) for everyone to enjoy. And hey, if you’re feeling up to a challenge and want to supercharge your kids’ Children’s Day, you could even make your own piñata together.

3. Build a Blanket Fort
I think we can all agree – some of the greatest childhood memories have nothing to do with electronics, screens, batteries or even toys, right? Imaginative play is important to young kids, and it’s extraordinarily special when their parents join in. So, this Children’s Day, create memories by building an enormous blanket fort with your little ones. You can even picnic inside your fort once it’s finished!

4. Teach Them a Family Recipe
If you and your kids love to cook together, why not spend the day teaching them a special family recipe? (And enjoying the results, of course!) Think back to your own childhood: What did your mother, your tía or your abuela bake for you? Or, search online for a recipe traditional to your roots, like these Mexican marigold cupcakes.

5. Take Them Out on a “Date”
No matter how old your kids are, they crave spending special time with their parents. (Yes, even angsty teens who would never admit it.) Now’s the time to get creative and do something out-of-the-ordinary: Go bowling. Hit up a trampoline park. Treat them to unlimited rounds of mini-golf. Go on a hike. Take them to a semi-professional or professional sports game. Walk animals at the local rescue. Whatever floats your kiddos’ boats!

How will you celebrate Children’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Erin Raub is a bilingual mom, writer and passionate reader, who makes her home in the cool mountains of Costa Rica (via Philadelphia). Together with her husband and young son, she explores the world through travel, books, cuisine, traditions and dance. Erin works as a writer, primarily as a blogger and travel copywriter, specializing in website copy and marketing materials for the tourism industry.

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