7 Creative Ways to Honor Family Memories and Traditions

7 Creative Ways to Honor Family Memories and Traditions

Great memories and traditions can live far beyond the family photo album.

By: Lorraine Allen

I take many photos, but then I can’t decide what to do with all these visual records of fun family moments. (Full disclosure: My kid’s turning 6 soon and I have not finished her baby album!) But, thankfully, there are countless creative ways other than making a photo album to keep great family memories and traditions alive, and we’ve really enjoyed some of these in our home. Take a look:

1. Make your own storybooks, using photos and artwork and words. We’ve made several, like “Daddy and Me at the Zoo,” “How We Get Scared Silly at Halloween,” and “My New Neighborhood.” We read them often and they make great records of things we’ve done, and places we’ve been.

2. Display memories creatively in your home or office, so that you’re reminded of them often. Have your kids make art about an important experience -- or write a poem -- and frame it. I like this alternative to family portraits because it’s a reminder of how kids remember and experienced something, not just a record of what everyone looked like.

3. Frame a souvenir or memento from your past -- a family heirloom or treasure from a vacation. It could be your grandfather’s pocket watch or a seashell found on your honeymoon. Hang it in a spot you pass often, like near the front door, so that you are reminded of this as you start and end your days.

4. Plant a tree or a perennial in your garden, in honor of something important. Choose the flower from your wedding bouquet, for example. We planted a plum tree in memory of my childhood home in Africa. It makes me smile every day when I see it, and because it’s the same age as my daughter, it’s growing with her now too.

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5. Take a language or cultural class connected to your family heritage or a city or country that’s important to you. My husband and I each lived in Spain before we met, and that brought us together. Now we are teaching our kid Spanish, and it’s become part of who we are as a family.


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6. Have a family story time. Telling stories and remembering aloud your experiences with the people you love is a wonderful way to hang on to your history and heritage. I tell stories to my kid that my grandma told me about her childhood all the time. They never got to meet, but I feel that my child knows her through these stories, and I love that.

7. Build something. My daughter had such a great time visiting our relatives in the mountains that she wanted her bedroom to be mountain-themed. We made a mural on her wall and got some wooden mountain goats as toys and built them a little stable, which she plays with far more than her dollhouse. I believe this is because they have so much meaning to her. Now, she can continue to enjoy those great memories.

How do you hang on to your favorite family memories and traditions?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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