8 Seriously Surprising (and Awesome) Marriage Proposals

8 Seriously Surprising (and Awesome) Marriage Proposals

Couples share the funny, memorable, and unique ways they became officially engaged.

By: Lorraine Allen

When a couple gets engaged, it’s often the most defining moment of their lives because the person you marry is the person you will be closest to, physically and emotionally, for the longest portion of your life. You also create a home and family with this person. Becoming engaged is a HUGE event, and it’s fun to hear how these important proposals went down. Here, eight couples share the very surprising ways the important question was asked:

1. “My husband proposed to me while we were about to almost crash-land in the water on a small plane going to an island in a storm! I thought I was going to die, and he’s asking me to marry him?! Of course I said yes!” -- Jackie, New York

2. “He popped the question while I was putting on my coat to run off to work one rainy morning. I could not have been more surprised if he jumped out of a box! -- Lisa, Connecticut

3. “I snuck the ring into my wife’s drink one evening at a restaurant. I panicked and did it when she went to the bathroom -- but it was really funny when she took a sip and saw it. She almost spit, and she totally spilled. We laughed a lot.” -- Steven, New York

4. “I snuck the ring box in my wife’s suitcase as she packed for vacation. When we arrived, she was unpacking and found it. She was so surprised, it was awesome!” -- Dave, Vermont

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5. “We were walking around the city one beautiful, snowy evening and as I was looking in the window of an antique store, he pointed to a ring, asked me if I wanted it, and if I wanted to be his wife.” -- Kristen, Connecticut


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6. “I slipped the ring on my wife’s finger while she was sleeping. When she woke up, it took her a while to notice. I heard her screaming in the bathroom, “Oh my gosh!” and I knew she was excited.” -- Allen, New Jersey

7. “I dragged her back to the dive where we first met and where I used to play gigs with my band. She could not figure out why I wanted to go there, but when we got there and I proposed, she loved that it happened there.”-- Brian, New York

8. “I gave my wife a really boring book for her birthday. Nothing else. I wrapped it in plain white paper. No ribbon. No card. But I had taped the diamond ring inside the front cover. So I gave it to her like it was really special, with a big kiss and lots of emotion and said, ‘I love you SO much, honey, forever!’ She was so confused, as she looked at the gift and then tore off the paper and read the book cover. I think she thought I had lost my mind. Then she opened the covered and was super surprised and so excited. She said it was the best birthday gift EVER.” --Mike, Canada

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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