8 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day When You're Single

8 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day When You're Single

Learn how to make the most of Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single.

By: Maria Mora

For those of us who are single on Valentine’s Day, it can feel like middle school all over again. Suddenly everyone has a boyfriend and he’s cute and nice and everyone gets flowers and life is horrible.

It doesn’t have to be that way. First of all, you’re not 13 anymore. You’re a grown woman capable of totally enjoying a holiday whether you’re with a man or not. Trust me, I’ve become an expert on the subject. Here are eight ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

1. Be the valentine you’ve always wanted. Instead of hoping a guy gets everything right, get everything right on your own. Pick the best restaurant, the best bubble bath scent, and the nicest flowers. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Get your nails done. Stop everything you’re doing and schedule a manicure and pedicure on Valentine’s Day. You’ll love taking a break and getting pampered. Your favorite nail tech will be there for you.

3. Gather your girlfriends. You’re not the only single person left on earth, no matter how much it seems like that as V-Day approaches. Call your girlfriends and put together a fun night out. Hit a karaoke hot spot or visit a ritzy place that serves fancy desserts.

4. Binge-watch TV. Curl up on the couch with a blanket fresh out of the dryer and a platter full of your favorite snacks. This is your day. No one can judge you for catching up on dozens of episodes of your favorite show.

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5. Meet someone. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try attending an event for singles on Valentine’s Day. Even if nothing comes of it, you’ll have fun picking out a cute outfit and getting dressed up.


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6. Take a mini vacation. Go on an escape. Maybe you only have one night. If so, try a bed and breakfast in town. Enjoy not having to clean up after yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence. You’ve earned it.

7. Party down. Have friends over at your house on Valentine’s Day. Hosting guests will remind you of how accomplished you are and how much you have to offer. Don’t overdo it though. Give yourself a break and pick up pre-made food at a chic deli.

8. Ignore it. Hey, it’s OK to completely ignore the holiday. You don’t have to commemorate it with anything if you don’t want to. The following day will just be a day, and every day is full of opportunities.

Maria Mora is a single mom, editor, and hockey fanatic. She lives with her two sons in Florida.

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