9 Ways Moms Are Inspired by Their Husbands’ Parenting

9 Ways Moms Are Inspired by Their Husbands’ Parenting

Moms share the inspiring parenting lessons they’ve learned from their partners.

By: Lorraine Allen

All moms and dads have their own unique parenting methods, and that’s a great thing. Kids enjoy the influence, perspective, and energy each parent brings. Sure, many moms might feel frustrated when their partner still doesn’t know when the school health forms are due, or in which drawer they keep the leotards, but they still value the love, effort, and energy husbands bring to parenting. Here, nine moms share what inspires them most about their partner’s parenting:

1. “I love how my husband gets really silly with the kids. It’s like he’s running clown school. They laugh so much! It makes me remember to lighten up, smile more, and not take parenting so seriously.”

2. One mom says she was inspired to become healthier by her very athletic husband. “I was really out of shape; I felt so exhausted from parenting. But when I saw how much fun the kids had being active with their dad, I wanted in!”

3. “My husband inspires me to stay calm. No matter how stressed he is at work, or how crazy the kids are acting when he gets home, he is un-fazed. Like a rock. It calms me down and helps me keep things in perspective.”

4. “I’m inspired by my partner’s cooking,” says a mom of three picky teen girls. “He can woo our girls with his amazing food; he’ll get them to enjoy eating anything he makes because it’s all delicious.”

5. A mom of four is inspired by her husband, who makes time once or twice a month for a few close, old friends. “My husband reminds me that I should stay connected to my own life, even though I’m a busy parent.”


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6. One mom of a kid with a medical condition that requires frequent, painful testing is inspired by her husband’s eternally optimistic and calm outlook. “He never freaks out. He takes each test and appointment in stride. His outlook helps me stay positive and not overreact.”

7. “My husband often works late, but he never brings his work home. He really separates work from family and play. I’m still trying to learn that. He shows me that it’s possible, and important for our family.”

8. “My partner inspires me to keep an open mind with the kids. Trying new sports, new foods, new ways to do things -- his goal is to enjoy his family and welcome new experiences and challenges.”

9. “My kid’s dad inspires me to share my dreams and talents with our child. As a musician he doesn't earn a lot, but he does what he loves, and he brings a lot of joy to our family and others with his music. And he teaches our child to play music, which is such a great gift.”

How does your partner’s parenting inspire you?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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