Getting woke – Meg

Meg talks about the importance of the privileged class getting ‘woke’ to the privileges they have, and how micro-discussions can lead to major-level change.

“Minority communities are typically already ‘woke.’ They already see the world through this lens of knowing that certain people have advantages just naturally over other people.

Now for the privileged class, you actually have to get woke because you’re often times blinded by the things that are given to you. You don’t see that it’s not everyone who gets those opportunities.


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Being able to unpack that, and being able to like, still have dialogue and stay in the tension even when it’s hard with safe, close relationships you can make sort of like these little bridges.

When our culture moves to a less prejudice group of people it will be because there were like, tiny conversations of micro-dialogues of people feeling safe in enough to admit the prejudices that they really do have.”

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