How Emmelie De La Cruz Developed into a Nueva Latina

Emmelie shares stories about two of the women in her life who have had a significant impact.

Emmelie De La Cruz is a digital marketing and branding consultant, author of Make Yourself Marketable, and has been featured in various publications. She works with executives, politicians, media personalities and other professionals, helping them build their personal brands and digital identities.

We were able to talk to Emmelie and ask who helped her develop professionally into the Nueva Latina she is today. She said:


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At the risk of sounding cliché, I have to say Abuela. Growing up, she always mentioned her dream was to be a professional woman, so she could wear a skirt suit and carry a briefcase. She’s such a fashionista. I laughed, but later realized she wanted nothing more than to feel important – unaware of how important she already was to us. She gave me so much. I strive to be the woman she wanted to be in my own career.

A close second is Daisy Auger-Dominguez, head of Diversity at Google. I saw her speak at a conference and was immediately captivated by her executive presence. So much so that I shed a tear. Here was the role model I had spent a lifetime searching for – perfectly poised and unapologetically Latina. Now before I get on a stage, I try to embody Daisy. She’s a rock star.

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