How Raquel Sofia Developed into a Nueva Latina

A family history of strong women helped encourage her to become the music sensation she is today.

Raquel Sofia is a singer/songwriter who has written hit singles and performed with some of the most popular and influential artists in the Latin music world.

Raquel shared her story with us of who helped her develop professionally into the Nueva Latina she is today:

Growing up, the phrase “women can’t do that” was not one I heard often. In a family full of female professionals, I always had the best example of what we can accomplish with hard work, perseverance and a little bit of defiance.


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I’m a singer/songwriter thanks to my mother – who was the first in her family to go to college and is now a dedicated biology professor – who taught me the value of education and self-reliance. She is who she is thanks to her mother, a woman who worked tirelessly in factories to give her daughters everything they needed. As if that isn’t enough, my other grandmother started college in Puerto Rico at the age of fifteen, at a time when many women weren’t attending universities. Ten years and three kids later, she graduated with two masters degrees, one of them from NYU.

These women have taught me I can choose my own path, chase my dreams and become whatever I choose to be – and that is what being a Nueva Latina is all about. Nueva Latinas are not afraid to be women in a man’s world, to occupy positions usually held by men and to challenge every stereotype. I have grown up among female engineers, educators, scientists, art historians and computer programmers. I have lived in complete admiration of the sacrifices these women have made for both their careers and their families. It is because of them that nothing seems impossible.

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