Husbands Share the Best Gifts Their Wives Have Ever Given Them

Husbands Share the Best Gifts Their Wives Have Ever Given Them

Some gifts are more special and memorable than others, that’s for sure!

By: Lorraine Allen

It’s nice to spoil your spouse during the holidays. Sometimes that means buying him something fancy, or finding him a gift that’s really sentimental or unique to your special bond as husband and wife. Your gift might even be a really nice experience, like some quality time together, without kids, or a family trip somewhere. But whatever it is, some gifts are always better received than others.

Here 10 lucky husbands share the best gifts their wives have ever given them.

1. “Our first child was born on New Year’s Eve. What could be a better gift than that?” -- Jens, New York

2. “My wife got me VIP tickets to [my favorite sports team] final game of the season -- and they won!” -- Jason, New Jersey

3. “Ski lessons. I always wanted to learn, and she knew that. Now it’s something we can enjoy every winter as a family. We all love it.” -- Mike, New York

4. “A passport! I had never left the country in my life, and we had been dreaming of planning a trip but I never got around to finding the forms and filling them out, etc. She had it all arranged for me. I just had to sign. Travel is my favorite thing; it’s changed my whole perspective on life.” -- Jeff, Wisconsin

5. “Vinyl recordings of my grandfather, who had been a musician and was a special part of my life. But my family did not have any of his records, so my wife found them, and bought them for me.” -- Zack, Colorado

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6. “We had recently moved and had not decorated our new home. We had no money to buy nice new furniture but my wife surprised me by blowing up and framing a whole bunch of great old and recent family photos, and hanging them nicely all over this entire large wall, floor to ceiling. They are so cool, I love them, and they made our new place instantly feel like home.” -- Lee, New York

7. “Guys never get pampered, I think. I certainly don’t think it’s something I need or want. But one year I had some health issues and it was a rough road to recovery, and when my wife gave me a gift certificate for a two-hour-long professional massage at one of the best spas in our city, I swear I left feeling like a brand new man. It was great.” -- A.J., New York


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8. “My wife gave up her career at the end of last year, as a monumental sacrifice to care for our kids and my single, older mom, who has moved in with us. It’s not the sort of gift you unwrap or can buy in a store, of course, but I am seriously so thankful and grateful to her every day for the gift of her care, for our family and my mom (and her amazing meals she makes now too!).” -- Frank, Washington

9. “Tickets to a comedy show. It’s great to just sit and laugh really, really, really hard for a couple of hours.” -- Ben, California

10. “My wife found some sort of incredible coupon opportunity for us to take a family cruise to the islands last winter. It was such a surprise for the whole family, and the best gift I ever got.” -- John, Maryland

What do you think is the best gift you’ve ever given your spouse?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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