If Moms Could Ask for Any Gift in the World…

If Moms Could Ask for Any Gift in the World…

If you could ask for anything in the world, what would you ask for?

By: Lorraine Allen

Moms love those crafty, silly, heartfelt, and creative gifts their little ones make them for the holidays. They love the new clothes or slippers or jewelry or chocolate their spouses often surprise them with. These are the sweet, familiar little things that bring extra cheer and joy to many moms over the holidays. But do you ever stop and wonder what gift you might wish for if you could have anything? Anything at all? It only took me one second to answer this question when I asked myself. It would be an end to allergic disease, or better yet, all childhood diseases.

When I asked 20 moms what they would wish for, their answers spanned a whole range of ideas. Here’s what they replied:

1. “A trip to Japan. I was adopted from there, but I have never been there. It’s been my lifelong dream to know my birth country.” -- Suki, mom of two

2. “A live-in housekeeper so I never have to clean my house, ever again.” -- Denise, mom of two

3. “A vacation home somewhere warm and exotic, with a pool!” -- Sue, mom of three

4. “A personal chef, so I never have to cook again.” -- Jeannie, mom of two

5. “A daughter.” -- Eliza, mom of four (boys)

6. “A trust fund so my husband and I never have to work another day.” -- Gina, mom of three

7. “A house with a yard.” -- Celine, mom of two kids (and two dogs and a cat and many fish)

8. “A new husband! It’s been lonely and hard since getting divorced.” -- Rachel, mom of one

9. “A trip around the world with my family, preferably on a cruise ship because it’s so much more relaxing and fun than flying.” -- Victoria, mom of one

10. “Great home care for my old, sick parents who live with us. It’s so hard caring for them AND my own family.” -- Leslie, mom of one

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11. “A solid month of family vacation each year (paid vacation, I mean), and to go somewhere really nice, each time.” -- Meghan, mom of two

12. “I wish I had the use of my legs back (I’m paraplegic from a car accident.)” -- Petra, mom of one


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13. “For my son to be safely home from the army. It’s all I could ever want.” -- Michelle, mom of four

14. “A vineyard. My husband and I have always dreamed of quitting our jobs and running one.” -- Sarah, mom of three

15. “A ski house.” -- Amy, mom of two

16. “A cure for autism.” -- Eloise, mom of two

17. “Happiness.” -- Valerie, mom of two

18. “An enormous saltwater pool, with a hot tub, maybe even a waterfall -- and time to swim in it, every day of my life.” -- Elaine, mom of one

19. “A five-star vacation, first class all the way, without kids.” -- Erin, mom of two

20. “A job that I love. I hate my job, but I’m too old to start over from square one -- and I have at least 25 years until I can retire!” -- Alex, mom of one

What would you wish for, if you could have anything in the whole world?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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