Kids Explain ‘Dating’ Like Only Kids Can

Kids Explain ‘Dating’ Like Only Kids Can

What’s a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Kids offer their charming explanations.

By Jeanne Sager

Dating comes with a whole mess of feelings – and a whole lot of questions. So how do we make sense of what it means to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Well, we decided to ask some kids.

They may not be the definitions you’d dig up in a dictionary, but they’re absolutely adorable!

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  1. “Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is being in love with someone so much that you want to have them around all the time like family.” - Bronwyn, age 9
  2. "A boyfriend is a friend who is a boy. Or a boy you really, really love who used to be a friend, but is now more. Or a boy that you don't really love but you like but you're not married to yet." - Marlow, age 5
  3. “You sit at each other's table, become more popular, and a lot of drama!” - Anabella, age 11
  4. "You can kiss and hug. Sometimes shake hands. A girlfriend has to be nice." - CJ, age 6
  5. “When you have a boyfriend you can get married and then have a true-love kiss!” - Kamryn, age 6
  6. “A boyfriend is only allowed to play with you and hold your hand. But can't kiss you until you're like Mommy and Daddy.” --Tegan, age 5
  7. “Girlfriends are for grown-ups... I am not a grown up." - Brandon, age 4
  8. “To hold that person above other people. Like as a family member.” - Rowan, age 12
  9. “A boyfriend is someone who cares for you, is your friend, likes you, and will marry you when you grow up.” - Adalyn, age 8
  10. "It's a boy who is your friend. You hang out with him and do fun things, like how I'm playing blocks with [my brother] Colin right now." - Kiera, age 5
  11. "To be a boyfriend or a girlfriend you have to be nice when you first meet someone you want to be married to. You have to go out to dinner with them too, and never break away from them." - Sonia, age 5
  12. “[A boyfriend is your] best best best friend, that you like and love each other very much.” - Allie, 6

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What do your kids think “dating” means?

Jeanne Sager is a freelance writer, photographer and social media junkie. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and way too many pets. You can follow her @JeanneSager.

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