Mentorship Programs Near You

Mentorship Programs Near You

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Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding challenges any of us can undertake. Whether through a formal relationships or just encountering people along the way, mentors have helped make all of us who we are today. Parents, teachers and friends have served as role models and helped mold us into better versions of ourselves.

You have the opportunity to empower someone else as their mentor. Young people need someone who has been through similar experiences before – not so they can avoid the trials of life, but so they can be best equipped to tackle them. A mentor isn’t a babysitter. You’re not there to lecture or reprimand. You’re there to help your mentee see a little further, reach a little higher and be a little better so we can all work together to Live Fabulosa.

Orgullosa is rallying its community of Nueva Latinas together to lead the way for the next generation. Join with us to create a movement that inspires and equips the next wave of Latinas to look, feel and be their best.

Explore the list below of programs in a city near you, as well as national programs, to see how you can get started being a mentor.


Girls Today Women Tomorrow
This mentorship program helps inner-city girls achieve their goals and seeks to become a hub for youth, families and other community members to develop skills for building a successful life.

Los Angeles Team Mentoring
This organization uses a unique model that connects three mentors, each of whom focuses solely on teaching, college attainment or community initiatives when coaching students across LA’s school districts.

Fulfillment Fund
In an effort to increase high school graduation rates and access to college, this organization provides a variety of support options to mentors that help them develop a strong, one-on-one relationship with their students.

Youth Mentoring
Helping at-risk youth to realize their unique gifts and access their inner strength to overcome the adversities associated with exposure to crime and violence, this organization positions its mentors as caring individuals who guide young people along a journey of self-discovery.

This health and wellness centered program fights the plague of childhood obesity in underserved communities by having its mentors serve as a source of encouragement, inspiring mentees to define goals and make positive life decisions.


Latinas on the Verge of Excellence (L.O.V.E.)
L.O.V.E. pairs women university students with Latinas in high school to serve as positive role models who promote education and help improve educational success at the college level.

Free Arts NYC
This arts organization has its mentors use a curriculum to help children better express themselves and develop stronger relationships.

New York City Mentoring Program
This program connects businesses and community organizations with public high schools and encourages interested mentors to leverage the involvement of their professional networks to increase mentee access to community resources.

Children of Promise, NYC
Understanding the far-reaching nature of the criminal justice system, this New York agency helps the children of incarcerated parents educationally and emotionally in an effort to better maintain the fabric of already vulnerable communities.


Beauty Mentoring
This fresh organization reaches out to a diverse population of young women by using direct mentoring programs and workshops centered on empowerment and personal development.

Houston: reVision
Taking community involvement and restorative justice to the next level, this organization has its mentors develop deep, longstanding relationships with at-risk youth – many of whom are rotating through the criminal justice system.

Graduation Game Plan
In an effort to help high school students clearly map out their future success, this program has mentors share their life experiences and provide guidance to help students plan and prepare for life after high school.


Urban Promise Miami
This organization partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters to train and match mentors in hopes of promoting long-term relationships that help children and teens develop confidence and inner strength.

Shake-A-Leg Miami
If water sports is your passion, this non-profit offers programming for mentors to guide children with either economic hardships or mental and physical impairments through activities that build communication and leadership skills.

Women of Tomorrow
With a focus on career empowerment, this organization provides the opportunity for successful professional women to mentor small groups of high school aged, at-risk girls.


Polished Pebbles
In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, this organization equips girls with the confidence and communication skills necessary to handle the challenging situations they face when living in communities often plagued by violence.

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls
With a history spanning over 125 years, this organization offers a safe haven and model of stability for young people with troubled family environments and encourages its mentors to connect with the youth they serve as their friend above all else.

Chicago Area Project
The Chicago Area Project has modeled its Teen Reach program to empower communities to help themselves by having mentors focus on a combination of educational performance, community outreach and skills development with their mentees.


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The Black Star Project
This association strives to strengthen communities and empower youth through several mentorship programs that help the youth of underprivileged black and Latino communities by promoting health, academic success and job readiness.


Girls Inc.
This mentorship opportunity looks to pair girls ages six through 18 with positive role models who will help them build the skills necessary for academic and professional success.

The Mentor Matcher
True to its name, this organization helps teens and tweens (middle and high school students) explore career opportunities through direct exposure to their mentor’s work environment.

Women of Visionary Influence
This spirited organization strives to bring women from diverse backgrounds together and offers an opportunity for women to mentor one another on a variety of personal and professional issues in a free-form structure determined by the participants themselves.


Committed to increasing college access to lower income students, this program seeks out enthusiastic mentors dedicated to providing guidance and support as these students pursue educational and professional opportunities.

Mentoring for Success
With trust and friendship in mind, mentors in this program meet with their student mentee on the school premises to help them with academic needs and self-esteem.

This program helps make education a community effort by connecting students with professionals in fields that are similar to their career interests.


New Pathways for Youth
This organization focuses on providing a safe and welcoming environment for youth experiencing poverty and violence to shape their life’s future goals as they build a positive relationship with their adult mentors.

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
At this well-established organization, mentors meet with women looking to change the course of their lives once or twice a month for 12-18 months, and serve as a source of support and empowerment.

Arizona’s Children Association
This statewide organization advocates for children by providing a variety of child and family services, including the THRIVE mentorship program that matches mentors prepared for a two-year commitment with teens who are no longer eligible for foster care and have little support network.


NorCal STEM Education Foundation
With a focus on increased science, technology, engineering and math education opportunities, this foundation has mentors volunteer with students during the school day to work on hands-on learning experiences.

Youth Connections Unlimited
This organization works with the Sacramento County Probation Department through a mentorship program that helps at-risk youth understand their value in society and lower their likelihood of committing another offense.

Bridge Network
This program offers mentorship opportunities requiring varying levels of commitment to assist youth living with challenging circumstances in personal development and relationship building.


Girls Rising
Girls Rising asks its “big sisters” to develop fun, yet committed relationships with their “little sisters” who face difficulties ranging from an unstable home life to abusive relationships.

Chula’s Mission
Just north of the city, this organization assists young, motherless girls with grief counseling and mentoring that helps them to develop the skills needed to lead an inspired life.

Fostering Change
Foster children long for consistency and benefit from strong role models provided by this program to help them develop their self-esteem and assist with their academic goals.


Boys & Girls Club of America
From leadership and education to health and fitness, this national mentorship program helps young people in need realize their potential through establishing continuous relationships with caring adults.

Mana, A National Latina Organization
This nationwide Latina organization uses a well-established curriculum to help mentors focus on educational opportunities, leadership development and health initiatives that serve the needs of Latina youth.

The Mentor Network
While offering a wealth of services to both at-risk youth and those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, this agency looks to support the growth and independence of individuals regardless of their life’s circumstances.

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