Mentorship Stories From The Founders of Be Moxie

Mentorship Stories From The Founders of Be Moxie

The Latinas behind the women's empowerment program share how their mothers were also their mentors.

Macia Batista, Joannie Diaz and Aline Murta are founders of Be Moxie, an organization that helps women of color as they pursue academic and professional success. With three main principles of Outlet for Expression, Mentorship and Professional Network, they are working to create awareness “for all women of color both locally and worldwide.”

We were able to talk with these women and hear their stories.

Macia Batista’s Story

Macia is a motivated Latina on the quest to be a cause for change. Born in the Dominican Republic but raised a true New Yorker, she is always on the move between work, mentoring youth, and planning adventurous getaways with friends. Macia received a BS in Psychology from Le Moyne College.

When we asked her to tell us about the women who made her the Nueva Latina she is today, she said:

My mom has been a tremendous spiritual and emotional force in my life. From her cafecito to her mother-daughter talks, she's made me the woman I am today: empowered, humble and conscious.

She raised three daughters in a country she adopted as her own – and in a language that's not her first. To think of all the sacrifices she has made to give us a chance at a better life is the truest of selfless love.

Being a Nueva Latina means purpose and mission – remembering your roots in all the successes you celebrate, and sharing the message of empowerment. It's being selfless and conscious of the world we live in today and bold enough to make a difference in it.

Joannie Diaz’s Story

Joannie graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Finance and Economics. Raised in Connecticut as a first generation American, her true roots go back to Peru where she visits regularly. She is the co-founder of Be Moxie, a platform aimed to help diverse women flourish personally and professionally. Joannie loves to travel and find herself immersed in different cultures.

When we asked her to tell us about the women who made her the Nueva Latina she is today, she said:


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My mother has been the force that has made me the Nueva Latina I am today. I consider myself fortunate to not only have a mother but friend that I can trust with everything.

She is someone who tells me the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. She’s there for me, pushing me to think big and to do big. She looks up to me constantly and tells me how proud she is of me, but I honestly view her as my hero and complete role model.

She raised me at such a young age and was in a completely new country; I know took a lot of bravery and gut. I look at my mom and remember her sacrifices and it gives me all the strength I need to do my best – not only for myself, but for my family and for my community.

Being a Nueva Latina means my purpose is beyond just me; it is to rise up and help empower my fellow Latinas around me. As I climb, I have a responsibility to uplift those behind me. I am forever thankful to my mom for everything she is and everything she has given me.

Aline Murta’s Story

Aline is a witty, but elegant, first generation American. She’s a true New Yorker, whose parents are from Brazil. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in International Relations, with a focus on Latin America and Global Political Economy. She went on to receive her Master of Arts degree from the George Washington University in Latin American Studies, with a focus in International Business.

When we asked her to tell us about the women who made her the Nueva Latina she is today, she said:

The person who has shaped me into the woman I have become today – a rare breed of passion, perseverance, and dedication to success – is my mother.

My mother, Mary, has inspired me to desire and strive for excellence in all I do. No dream was ever too big, especially knowing I could always count on her support. Whenever I was knocked down, she would allot me a very small period to be upset about it, then she would force me to strategize about how I was going to move forward.

She has taught me compassion, while also learning to love myself and put myself first. I am proud to be a Nueva Latina because I am a better person than I was yesterday. And I know that with my mothers support, I will continue to grow as a woman.

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