The Essential Guide to Holiday Guest Prep

The Essential Guide to Holiday Guest Prep

Make your home cozy and bright for friends and family with these tips.

Buy Enough Food
The best way to their hearts is keeping them full and fed. Find out what everyone eats (or doesn't) before they arrive, so you can stock the fridge accordingly.

Use the Holiday Dishes
Now’s the time to show off those holiday dishes you bought. Pull them out and clean them ahead of time so they’re ready to use during the big feast.

Make it Cozy
Hang seasonal decorations like a fall or winter wreath outside or on the door. Pull out extra throw pillows and blankets: if you can add small vases of fresh flowers around the house.

Make a Holiday Playlist
An easy way to create a memorable holiday is turning on favorite holiday tunes - music helps set the mood and makes everything feel more festive.


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Prepare for Children
Prepare a space for young guests to play. If you don’t have a supply already, borrow popular DVDs or games from friends who have children of a similar age that will keep them occupied.

Display Extra Toiletries
It’s no fun when you forget your toothpaste or shampoo, and having to ask is sometimes awkward. Put extra travel-sized items near the sink for guests who may need them.

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