Up Close with Latina Role Model, Christy Haubegger

Latina Magazine founder Christy Haubegger speaks at P&G Latina Day.

We all know women we look up to as role models and those we aspire to emulate. Christy Haubegger, the founder of Latina Magazine, tops many lists as a woman who made Latina faces more visible in the United States.

“You can’t be what you can’t imagine”
As a teenager in the 1970s, Haubegger paged through popular magazines and felt discouraged by the lack of Hispanic women represented. She didn’t see images of strong women portrayed in the media, and she didn’t feel that her culture was properly represented.

In an effort to help rectify this problem, Haubegger imagined, and she imagined big. She founded Latina Magazine with the intention to reflect the faces, ideas and needs of the Latina community. Now, Haubegger is continuing to make an impact on portrayals of Latinas in mainstream media – and more recently in films like “Spanglish.”


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“Diligence and preparation can beat talent and luck any day,” she says. This tenacious approach has served her well, and she was eager to share her successes and inspiration with the women at P&G Latina Day.

“Like a Latina”
Among other highlights, Haubegger addressed pervasive ideas around what it means to be “like a Latina.” “'Like a Latina,’ to me, means working ourselves to the bone and taking care of everyone else,” she says. “Let’s make it more about taking care of ourselves.”

As Latinas, let’s start privileging our needs.

How do you feel empowered as a Latina woman?

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