What Your Favorite Fall Activity Says About You

What Your Favorite Fall Activity Says About You

Find out what your favorite pastime in the autumn months says about your personality.

By: Maressa Brown

If fall were a celebrity, it would definitely have more Twitter followers than any other season! Seriously, when it comes to seasons -- this is the one that seems to have the most passionate fans. And even those of us who prefer sunny summer or flower-filled spring to the chillier days of autumn probably have a seasonal pastime we can’t wait to enjoy this fall. Here, what yours says about your personality.

1. Planning for Halloween: You daydream about what costume you’re going to wear or perhaps the theme your whole family might adopt this year, what you need for the ultimate Halloween party for your kids, or what candy you’ll hand out to trick-or-treaters.

If the spooky holiday is the most wonderful time of the year -- or at least of the fall -- you’re probably extremely imaginative, endlessly creative, and perhaps even a bit of a drama queen. Your showmanship makes it easy to rely on you for a supremely entertaining ghost story. It’s really no wonder neighbors and friends look forward to getting their ghoulish fun on with you -- you’re the life of the party!

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2. Harvesting and baking up a storm: Getting out into nature to pick the most prized produce of the season -- from apples to pumpkins and everything in between -- may simply make you feel relaxed and happy. Then, you can’t help but take home your incredible bounty and turn it into something that smells and looks incredible (mmm, pie) in the kitchen.

If this sounds like you, you’re most likely super family-oriented and known for your practical, grounded ways. Friends can always count on you -- for the most delectable eats and compassionate company around.

3. Capturing the vivid fall colors with your camera. Perhaps you believe there’s no better time of the year to hike through parks and trails -- to take in and snap beautiful images of all the fiery colors of fall. You’re constantly working to create the perfectly composed shot to share on Instagram but also to turn into a canvas to display in your home.

If you can’t help but take to shutterbugging every fall, you have an artistic eye for the ethereal. Preferring to see life through rose-colored glasses, you might even be a bit of a hopeless romantic and an idealist. Sharing your dreams -- no matter how whimsical -- with those you love warms hearts all around!


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4. Cozying up with a book and a fall-spiced drink. All year long you wait for that seasonally appropriate moment when you’ll be able to enjoy a pumpkin-flavored drink. Or maybe apple cider is more your thing. Either way, relaxing by a crackling fire wrapped up in a cozy sweater with your warm, fall-themed beverage of choice in hand, and possibly reading a novel for your book club sounds like the Saturday of your dreams.

Friends may refer to you as laid-back and full of heart. You’re also a fan of keeping it simple, preferring to go with the flow whenever possible. A natural homebody, you’re more than happy to invite your VIP friends over for a cup of coffee to catch up, preferably while curled up on the couch. Bonding time and lively conversation is all you need to make great memories!

5. Heading to a football game with friends. Gearing up to wear your favorite team’s sweatshirt and head to the stadium is one of your greatest thrills. You love the togetherness of being with family, friends, and fellow fans. Not even an extra-chilly day will keep you away from the spirited pastime.

Naturally competitive, you’re up for just about any challenge. In your free time, you might enjoy trying rock climbing or spinning. Hiking works, too, if you’re able to get outdoors! Your friends admire your gung-ho spirit and may lean on you to help them strategize the best way to win -- whether it’s a promotion or a board game.

6. Preparing for Thanksgiving. The invitations for a full table at Turkey Day go out early, if you have your say. You may even have visions of cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows starting around Labor Day. That's not only because you can’t get enough of those dishes, but because you look forward to preparing and serving them to loved ones.

You enjoy and take pride in taking care of family and friends. And in turn, they must appreciate how much enthusiasm you bring to the table. You’re also somewhat of a natural-born social director, constantly organizing parties, charitable events, volunteer work, or other get-togethers. Your greatest joy is being of service and bringing people together from different corners of your life.

Which fall activity is your favorite? How do you think it reflects your personality?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

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