What Your Favorite Fall Comfort Food Says About You

What Your Favorite Fall Comfort Food Says About You

Find out what your favorite fall comfort food says about your personality.

By: Maressa Brown

Even before the leaves start changing colors, it’s easy to find yourself craving fall flavors. From pumpkins to apples, midday snack to dinner and dessert, there are plenty of dishes that scream “fall comfort food!” We all have our favorite. What does yours say about you?

1. Anything pumpkin: If all things pumpkin appeal to you this time of year, you’re likely a lover of up-and-coming trends, too. Your friends probably trust you to show them what’s trending before it’s even in stores! From wrap sweaters to the latest boots or scarves, you might actually be sporting the next fall craze before anyone else. But when you find something that really works for you -- like that pumpkin coffee or pumpkin muffin recipe -- you stick with it, and profess your love for it in an unabashedly BIG way!

2. Apple pie: Is there anything more patriotic than apple pie? You’re a creature of habit with a passion for tradition -- like taking the same back-to-school portraits of your kids every year or pulling out the same tablecloth for every family holiday dinner. You do it because you’re so proud to say you’ve been doing so for years. You are so dependable – friends and loved ones know they can rely on you no matter what.

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3. Candied nuts: From walnuts to pecans, just about any nut can be candied, and no matter the variety, there’s nothing like the smell of nuts being heated and coated in spices and sugar. It’s a scent that is forever associated with fall. If you’re a fan of the sweet street cart snack, you’re likely sentimental, perhaps a real romantic. It’s not unusual for you to have your head in the clouds, daydreaming at any given time. You wear your heart on your sleeve, always ready to shower those you adore with your purest, truest emotions.

4. Chili: One thing’s for sure about people who love to lean on their slow cookers or stock pots for steamy, savory chili: No one could ever accuse you of being boring! You believe variety is the spice in life, and spice makes things more exciting. You may always be looking for the next big thrill, whether it’s a new recipe or activity to try (think salsa dancing!). At the same time, you may be perfectly content spending a weekend night snuggled up on the couch with your spouse, watching your favorite sitcom or a documentary. All forms of life’s pleasures shall be yours!


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5. Roast chicken (or turkey!): If your go-to favorite weeknight dinner just happens to be a roast chicken you’ve seasoned and cooked up yourself, and/or you’ve already started dreaming of presenting and carving a delicious Thanksgiving bird with loved ones, you’re likely very family-oriented. There’s really nothing you won’t do to spend more time with or help take care of your nearest and dearest. You’re known to take the lead in organizing family get-togethers. Your VIPs admire you for your take-charge, devoted nature. You’re definitely someone they would love to emulate.

6. Caramel apples: Sure, you can pick up a caramel apple any time of year, but when apples are in season, they’re the absolute best. You know this, because you probably look forward to caramel apple season every year. Like apple pie lovers, you’re a bit of a traditionalist but with a playful twist. You always see the silver lining in a gloomy situation and love to recall fond memories from childhood. Maybe you’re actually a bit of a storyteller. Friends and family love this about you especially!

7. Halloween candy: Forget the savory dishes, the complicated recipes. Your tastes are pretty singular. A little bit of festively packaged candy, and you’re a happy camper! You’re known for getting into the spirit of the season early, plotting out Halloween costumes, parties, or decor two or more months ahead of time. You can’t help it – you just love the spooky fun associated with the end of October. Some may say you’re a kid at heart. You’re also incredibly colorful and creative!

Which fall comfort food is your favorite?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

Image ©iStock.com/YinYang

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