Your daughter and her period: What gives the best protection when?

It’s an important milestone and a time in your daughter’s life where you want to be on hand to offer support and the right information. Here’s where to start.

The day your daughter tells you she’s started her period is a momentous day for all concerned. It’s likely she’s nervous and perhaps a little embarrassed, but may also feel very grown up and proud that she’s no longer a ‘little’ girl (although she’ll always be your little girl, of course!).

As her mother, it’s natural you’re the one she turns to for help and advice. Luckily, the days of ‘one product fits all’ when it comes to periods are long gone, and the range of products available to keep her feeling fresh and comfortable, wherever she is and whatever she’s doing, is extensive. It may all feel a little overwhelming to your daughter at first, but by calmly talking her through her options – in a way that lets her know her questions and anxieties are perfectly normal – will help her understand the changes her body is going through and how to manage them herself. Plus, there’s the Always website, with loads of information, tips and even a period calculator!

Sanitary pads
Pads offer secure, comfortable protection, are shaped to fit the female body and designed to adhere directly to underwear. This means your daughter can be confident that her pad stays where it’s needed, with no slips or leaks. Many Always products are designed with ‘wings’ that fit snugly around underwear, with both day and night in mind: daytime pads are slimmer for comfort and discretion, whereas night-time pads are slightly larger and more absorbent to offer increased protection. All Always products use liquid-locking gel technology and are designed to be gentle on skin.

Great for:

  • The first few months or years when your daughter is still learning about the length of her period and heaviness of flow
  • Increased protection at night, which means extra peace of mind while she sleeps
  • Differing absorbency needs

After your daughter gets to grips with her period, she might want to move on to using tampons, especially if she knows her period is due during a holiday or if she’s very sporty, particularly if she’s a gymnast or swimmer. Tampons offer good protection (choose absorbency according to flow) and mean that she can wear a swimsuit or bikini during her period. Some women find them more comfortable generally, and that they’re able to ‘forget’ about their period when using tampons. Talk to your daughter about the options available – would she be more comfortable with an applicator or self-insertion? Take each kind of tampon out of its wrapping and explain how they work – particularly that they can’t get ‘lost’ inside her and how to make sure she removes and disposes of it safely.

Great for:

  • Sports, swimming in particular
  • Holidays, especially if she wants to wear a bikini
  • Wearing with close-fitting jeans or leggings

Panty liners can be used every day for extra freshness but are especially useful in the days before your daughter’s period is due and just after it’s finished. She might even like to use them as well as tampons if she finds her flow is particularly heavy one month, or if she’s dressed up to go out and wants the protection of a pad with the discretion of a tampon. Designed to be super-secure, flexible and ‘multiform’ so that they fit any style of underwear, they’re also really useful if your daughter’s periods are irregular.

Great for:

  • Daily freshness
  • Irregular periods
  • Extra protection

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