10 Ways to Prevent Jet Lag

10 Ways to Prevent Jet Lag

Read these 10 tips to help prevent jet lag on your next long flight.

By: Keri Lyn R.

We all look forward to vacations. They are an exciting getaway from our everyday lives and bring new experiences, food, people and fun! Sometimes our bodies have a hard time getting on the same page. Here are 10 tips for making sure your body and mind are well-prepared so that you can prevent jet lag or minimize its effects should they sneak up on you.

1. Start Rested. Probably the most important element in fighting off that dreaded jet lag is to make sure that you start your journey well-rested. This can be tough! Leaving town always presents challenges, but this is why having a game plan in place will be very beneficial. Try to prevent leaving everything until the last minute. Those late-night packing sessions can really make your first day of travel tough. Get a great night’s sleep before your travel day, and you will head into your adventures wide-eyed and ready.

2. Set Your Clock Before You go. Start your journey by setting a watch or clock to the accurate time of your destination. This will help you mentally prepare for what time your body should "think" it is. If you are flying in the daytime, but it's actually nighttime at your destination, you might consider sleeping as much as possible during the flight to help your body prepare.

3. Take Advantage of Down Time. Depending on what type of travel your journey includes, the trip itself can wear you out. This is where you can stay one step ahead of jet lag with just a little planning and intention. If you have long flights, don’t be tempted to talk or work the entire flight. Use that travel time to catch up on some rest or consider doing something that allows your brain to shut down a bit, like watching a movie or listening to music.

4. Eat Well. Stuck in airports for extended layovers? This is a great time to make sure that you grab nutritious snacks and keep yourself hydrated. Make healthy food choices if you can and try to drink plenty of water. Protein-packed snacks can help to keep your energy levels up. If you won't have time to grab healthy snacks during layovers, consider pre-packing them to have on hand. Avoid caffeine and sugar, as they might provide short term bursts of energy, but in the long run they can lead to dehydration. Once you are at your destination, try to start your mornings off with a good protein-rich breakfast.

5. Take Your Vitamins. Pack your vitamins or consider speaking to your doctor about finding vitamins that fit your specific needs. The healthier your body is at the time of travel, the better your experience will be.


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6. Stay on Track. Use the first day or two of your vacation to adjust your body to the new time zone. If that means going to bed a bit early, then do it. You might even need to force yourself to stay up late if it will help your body to get in sync with your current time zone. You’ll be glad that you did when your body catches up to your new surroundings.

7. Fresh Air. Nothing beats the great outdoors. Take advantage of opportunities to walk outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Mother Nature can provide some much needed vitamin D and fresh oxygen that will do your body good. On that note, avoid getting too much sun, and definitely don't forget to wear sunscreen. A sunburn won't necessarily cause jet lag, but it certainly won't help it either.

8. Exercise. This could be as simple as taking the stairs in your hotel, or a few laps around the airport while you wait for your next flight. Keep your body moving and take advantage of those times when you can get your blood flowing, especially if your flight requires long periods of sitting.

9. Stick to a Schedule. We all know that it’s easy to get caught up in new moments and experiences, but if you are truly committed to feeling your best (and not coming home wrecked), then try to stick to your travel schedule when possible. One late night out might not make much of a difference. However, if you partake in several in a row, you might not only find yourself with jet lag, but the lack of sleep can lower your immune system’s ability to fight off sickness. Nothing is worse than returning home from a trip only to find yourself sick.

10. Relax. Seriously! It's your vacation, own it! Don't stress, and allow yourself to enjoy the moments. If you see a hammock on beach, jump right in and soak up some rays. You’ve earned it and your jet-lag-free body will thank you!

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Keri Lyn writes for Hilton Mom Voyage and is an Idaho girl, born and raised. She shares her country home with her husband Brady, a veterinarian, and their son and daughter.

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These tips and ideas provided will help, especially the ten travelling tips to ward off jet lag. And though we are empty-nesters the tips on children will be passed down to our children in raising our grandchildren! Thank you also for the recipes that we can use this summer in gilling on holidays and special occasions, they will come in extra handy for some new treats.

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