3 Fun Games to Play While Traveling with Kids

3 Fun Games to Play While Traveling with Kids

Logging some family time traveling? Here are three great ideas everyone will enjoy.

There’s something to be said for the days when a family road trip involved singing show-tunes and playing a heated game of I Spy in the car. And while we now have the luxury of popping in a DVD to keep the kids occupied, it’d make for a much more memorable vacation if you ditched the electronic entertainment — at least for a while — in favor of some good old-fashioned fun. Here are a few games to play in the car — or on the train, boat or plane — the next time you’re traveling.

The United States of License Plates
Heading on a multi-state journey with the kids? Tried-and-true, perhaps the most popular of road trip games is hunting down as many states’ license plates as those little eyes can spy.

It’s fun for children to note all the different colors, but don’t stop there — test their knowledge of state capitals or sharpen their geography skills by seeing if they can name the states that border the plate in question. (Whoever spots that coveted Alaska plate should definitely receive a big round of applause!)

Alphabet Game
If you are traveling with a small one, use the time to practice her ABCs by looking for the letters of the alphabet as the world whizzes by. Starting with “A,” go straight through to “Z,” finding each letter on a billboard, street sign, license plate, bumper sticker or anywhere else on the road. Play a round every day and by the end of the vacation, your cuties will surely have mastered their ABCs!


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Artists in the Round
If your travel plans include a plane, train or ship, you’ll have a little more space (and hopefully less bumps) to give this drawing road trip game a go: Supply each family member with a piece of paper and pen. In the first round, everyone draws a head and neck of a person (or occupation like a fireman), creature or animal then folds the paper leaving just the bottom of the neck visible. Pass the paper to the person to your right, and without peeking, have participants draw the torso and upper body.

(If anyone gets stuck, remind your artists that anything goes, from an octopus to a Martian to a pirate with a hook.) Fold the paper again, keeping a minimal part of the waistline visible. For the final round, pass to the right again and have everyone finish the drawing by adding “legs” and “feet.” Once you unfold the finished artwork, challenge the artists to come up with a name for your creation.

Your trip might just end with a kanga-rooster in your hands!

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