4 Great Reasons to Travel in Late Fall

4 Great Reasons to Travel in Late Fall

Summer isn’t the only time to travel. Read on to learn all autumn has to offer.

By: Erin M.

The weather is getting colder, and the days are growing shorter. While some might balk at the idea of traveling during this time of year, there are several compelling reasons that I consider November to be a great time to travel.

Here are four reasons to get out of town and travel this month:

1. To Embrace the Season
Autumn is a beautiful time of year, anywhere in the country — even in Florida! While there isn’t a significant change in foliage or weather in the Sunshine State, there is less humidity. Some might think it’s still warm enough to swim (especially children)!

A truly Floridian adventure one can have in November is swimming with manatees in Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Starting in autumn, West Indian manatees migrate into the warmer waters of Crystal River, where they pass the winter months in the spring-fed river’s stable 72-degree temperatures. Visitors to the refuge, located near Ocala, Florida, can choose to kayak, snorkel or scuba with these beautiful, endangered marine mammals. (Wetsuits are available for rent!)

Farther north, there’s the “leaf show” where the fall foliage is absolutely breathtaking. In November, Arkansas — which boasts 2.5 million acres of national forests — explodes with the colors of autumn.

The timing of your trip can determine the best place to see fall colors at their peak. The fall foliage generally reaches its peak in late October to early November in northern Arkansas (Ozark National Forest), early- to mid-November for the Ouachita Mountains, and Southern Arkansas by mid-November.

“Leaf Peepers” could begin their tour in the Ozarks and follow the fall color south towards Hot Springs, Arkansas, via Scenic Byway 7. There is a plethora of campgrounds, hiking and bike trails throughout these national parks, and the weather is just perfect for outdoor activities.

2. Lower Rates
Travelers seeking bargains should consider destinations with agreeable weather, but are typically visited in the summer — like northern Florida. Whether you choose Destin on Florida’s west coast or Amelia Island on the Atlantic side, you will enjoy off-season prices while it is still warm and sunny enough to participate in many of the areas’ outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, fishing and sailing.

3. Fewer Crowds
Any destination that offers lower rates will generally also be less crowded. We enjoy spending time on Amelia Island in November in part because the beach is even more beautiful with fewer people. In addition, early November is a great time of year to avoid the crowds at busy theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando — with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend when those destinations are very crowded. By choosing to visit the theme parks on a non-holiday weekend, you can maximize your time at attractions instead of in line and find good rates at one of the local resorts.

4. Must-see Events in November
What person hasn’t wanted to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City? There’s no reason to book a hotel on the parade route. Just find a reasonably priced hotel near the subway and plan ahead to brave the cold weather and the crowds. Items to consider bringing for parade day: snacks, hand-warmers, folding canes with attached seats, blankets and water.

For film lovers, a trip to Hollywood may be in order. As Los Angeles’ longest running international film festival, the AFI Film Festival has been historically scheduled for a week in early November and takes place all throughout the city. Tickets are available to the general public. Best of all, because L.A. generally has sunny, pleasant weather through November, you can go ahead and rent that convertible!

Avid football lovers might consider attending the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game to watch the Dallas Cowboys at the AT&T stadium in Dallas. This long-standing tradition goes all the way back to 1920, when the National Football League first started. With 80,000 seats, the stadium is a marvel in itself, and even offers tours! Visitors can enjoy the temperate Texas weather while experiencing a truly American tradition.

5. Experience the U.S. destination that has it all: Napa Valley, California
Visiting Napa Valley in November offers all of the above benefits of traveling in November: off-season rates, fewer crowds, fall foliage with moderate temperatures and even its own film festival, the Napa Valley Film Festival!

Sounds perfect to me — I’m booking next year’s trip right now!

Erin is a writer for Hilton Mom Voyage and a native Floridian who landed in Atlanta after college and never left. She and her husband, Mike, have two funny, smart, active girls, ages 12 and 9, and two cats. She is a full-time mom and volunteer for a number of non-profit organizations and with any remaining time, works as a freelance marketing communications writer.

( Credit: Napa Valley photo by Malcolm Carlaw / CC BY 2.0 )


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