5 Must-have Items for Holiday Travel

5 Must-have Items for Holiday Travel

Do your best to de-stress holiday travel plans with these 5 great tips.

By: Tricia P.

There is no question; holiday travel can be stressful. Weather delays, long lines at security, plus an increased number of travelers can add bumps into anyone’s well-devised plan.

Here are five must-have items for traveling with the family during the holidays to keep your spirits bright.

1. Patience, Snacks and Distractions
Inclement weather brings delays or cancelations. Being prepared can lessen your personal frustration. Bring extra snacks for everyone. My kids like pre-packed snack boxes. Some packs include organic choices and can even accommodate diet restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Also, bring extra distractions for the kids. Install new apps on tablets. Rent movies through streaming services. Pack small toys or travel games that are new to the kids. Don’t forget to bring the chargers for those electronics, too!

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2. Helpful Smartphone Apps
One of the most handy apps actually allows travelers to view airport terminal maps. You can even find the closest bathroom, see what restaurants are near your gate, or locate the closest gift shop to purchase a forgotten gift. Check the app before traveling and become familiar with the terminal so you won’t find yourself lost at the airport during the season’s busiest time.

Wondering if you can bring the snow globe Grandma wanted for the holidays on the plane? The Transportation Security Administration, the agency that runs airport security, has an app called myTSA. Use the "Can I Bring?" feature — type in any item and the app will show whether it's allowed, as well as give an explanation of the rule.

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3. Packing Cubes
Staying organized makes traveling easier. Packing cubes have kept my family’s suitcases organized for years, and there’s something for everyone. You can find bags for shoes, laundry and even wet clothes. When everything inside your suitcase has its own place, you can find whatever you need quickly and easily.

4. Travel Medicine Kit
The winter season always seems to be filled with more germs. Pack a travel medicine kit to be ready for anything that comes along. The first items to include are antibacterial wipes and gel. Be diligent about wiping down airline trays and armrests and wash your hands frequently.

The kit should also include pain relievers, cold medicine, antibiotic cream and bandages, antidiarrheal medication, antacids, and antihistamines for children and adults. Keep the kit in your carry-on luggage along with prescription medications.

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5. Bring the Wrapping Paper
Pack the wrapping paper instead of wrapping gifts ahead of time, as there is a chance the TSA will open a wrapped gift during security check. Packed gifts will also suffer damage in the suitcase.

Shipping gifts before arrival can avoid hassles, and extra gift cards in your suitcase are always great for last-minute gifts.

Traveling during the holidays will be busy. Prepare your family ahead of time and you can avoid stressful situations and enjoy your time together!

Tricia is a writer for Hilton Mom Voyage and lives in Phoenix with her husband, 12- year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. Her family's favorite memories have been when they are on vacation. They love swimming, snorkeling, hiking, skiing, running, animals and everything else outdoors. Planning is half the fun of a vacation and everyone in her family participates in finding what interests them most. She has visited Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and most of the mainland states.

(Photo: Chicago Airport by Nicola / CC BY 2.0 )

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