6 Spots to Visit in the U.S. with Hispanic Pride

6 Spots to Visit in the U.S. with Hispanic Pride

Visit these great U.S. destinations to boosts your family’s Latino pride.

Author: Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Vacation times are fun and exciting and an awesome way for your family to experience new things, which can actually make your time off an excellent learning opportunity for the whole family. For my family, a big part of traveling is learning about different cultures, and sometimes about experiencing our own in a new way. Being the largest ethnic group in the United States, Latinos have made quite a mark on the cultural landscapes of many cities, and visiting them can be an amazing and impactful way to boost your family’s pride in its Hispanic heritage. Here’s a list of 6 U.S. cities where your family can explore the influence Latinos have had in America.

Miami. Though Miami is well known as the hub of Cuban immigrants in the United States, many other Latino cultures are represented there as well. In the past few decades Nicaraguans, Colombians, Peruvians and Dominicans have made their mark on the city. Latinos actually make up more than one third of Miami’s population, as evidenced by everything from the architecture to the dining and nightlife options. Plus, there are cultural sites like the Little Havana neighborhood or Marlins Park, where you can catch a ball game and munch on rice and beans, arepas and empanadas.

Los Angeles. L.A. has one of the largest Latino populations in the country and is brimming with opportunities to immerse yourselves in many aspects of the culture. The city — particularly the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles district — is brimming with colorful markets, museums, eateries and monuments highlighting Latino culture and offer a unique perspective into Latino life in Southern California. Visit the Piñata District to check out almost unreal, near life-size piñatas, or any number of food halls and Latin grocery stores for an authentic lunch and unique prepared foods to bring home.


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New York. With large numbers of Caribbean Latinos flocking to New York in the mid-20th century, Hispanic culture is undeniably woven into the fabric that makes up this melting pot of a city — particularly in the outer boroughs. Here you’ll find Latin supper clubs, museums featuring works exclusively by Latin artists, bodegas offering imported and homemade Latino foods, and even boutiques featuring wares inspired and designed by Latinos.

Austin. Austin, Texas, might not be a place you immediately connect to Latino culture, but the city has a long and storied past that has resulted in deep Latino influences in every area from art, music and literature to food, style and even colloquialisms. Be sure to check out the street murals in East Austin and take in a performance by one of the many Latino musicians based in the city.

Santa Fe. Everything about Santa Fe seems to have been shaped by the city’s Spaniards founders. The landscape is dotted with Spanish churches and missions. That tradition of handcrafting remains a vibrant one and all throughout the city, visitors can find markets, shops, boutiques and galleries showcasing handmade works by Latino artisans. And of course, the city offers the very best in Southwestern cuisine, which utilizes many Latino ingredients and cooking techniques.

Chicago. The Midwest doesn’t exactly come to mind when you think about Latinos, but the Windy City actually has one of the most diverse Latino populations in the country, and the fifth largest Hispanic population in the country. In areas like La Villita and Humboldt Park, you’ll find many shops, restaurants and even street festivals highlighting Hispanic culture.

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