Traveling with Kids this Summer? Pack These Eight Essentials in Your Carry-On for a Stress-Free Flight

Traveling with Kids this Summer? Pack These Eight Essentials in Your Carry-On for a Stress-Free Flight

Don’t break the bank with checked bags anymore! Pack these 8 carry-on essentials for a stress-free flight.

By Amy B.

Anyone who has ever traveled with a little one knows that it can be a daunting experience at best. From lugging baby gear around the airport to trying your best to soothe a toddler tantrum in-flight, you'll need to pack loads of stamina and unwavering patience. To guarantee a stress free flight, gather these must-have tools of the traveling with kids trade and tuck them into your carry-on before you head out to the airport.

Wet Wipes
From wiping up spills, to cleaning sticky hands, wet wipes are an absolute essential. Use them to wipe up spills, clean sticky hands, clear surfaces, and freshen up your kids’ faces upon arrival.

A change of clothes for you and your kid
Accidents happen, especially in-flight. Tummies sometimes rumble and act up and tray tables tip. Come prepared with a change of clothes for both you and your child.

A fleece jacket for your child
Temperatures in airports and on airplanes can seemingly swing from tropical to Arctic temps. Bring a fleece just in case the temperature drops in-flight; it's always easier to relax and rest when you're warm and cozy.

Medicine and first-aid essentials
It's better to be safe than sorry: always add a simple first-aid kit for in-air emergencies to your carry-on. Include an over-the-counter tummy soother, allergy reliever, a fever reducer, antiseptic wipes and adhesive bandages.


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Activities and toys to keep the kids busy
Pack a keep-busy toy/game/craft for every half hour of the flight. Don't pull out a new toy until a half hour has passed. Your local dollar store will have plenty of inexpensive resources: pipe cleaners and beads for making bracelets; stamps and stamp pads; stickers; stencils; paper dolls; mini LEGO kits. Crayons are a must. Print out some coloring pages featuring your child's favorite characters. For an added element of fun, wrap up each toy.

A small pillow and blanket
Encourage rest by packing a favorite blankie and a small pillow.

Wrap up mini bags of snacks: raisins, peanut butter crackers, walnuts and dried cranberries, granola bars. Avoid any sticky or sugary sweets. No one wants to deal with a mess or a sugar rush on an airplane.

Chewing gum or a safety sucker
During takeoff and landing, have kids sip water, suck on a safety pop, or chew gum. Chewing and swallowing can help relieve inner ear discomfort caused by cabin pressure.

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Amy B. writes for Hilton Mom Voyage and is an avid traveler who enjoys exploring the world with her two travelin' kids, ages 5 and 13. Based in Chicago, Amy has voyaged as far away as Mali, West Africa and the Galapagos Islands. She lived in London for two years, Italy for five.

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