A Staycation to Remember

A Staycation to Remember

Find 7 fresh ideas to make this year's staycation one of your best vacations ever.

1. Grab a travel guide for your city.

Much of what’s fun about vacation is discovering new things and exploring the unexplored. Get a travel guide and experience your city as a visitor would.

2. Plan day trips beyond the everyday.

Choose attractions within a one-hour drive that you wouldn’t normally go to. With or without kids, a trip to your local zoo or amusement park can be an affordable treat. Maybe there are nearby public gardens you haven't seen. Or how about a water park or a pool in a nearby town? Plus, check out your region's state and national parks for outdoor fun. Ask friends for their favorite day-trip ideas.

3. Treat yourself to something special.

Do you look forward to fresh seafood when you vacation at the beach? Boil live lobsters at home! Enjoy them with all of the traditional fixings (lemon, melted butter and bibs) and dine alfresco in the cool of the evening.

4. Spend one night in a hotel.

Just one night spent in a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast can make your staycation feel special without breaking the bank. If you choose a hotel in the city, splurge on room service, take a dip in the pool and treat yourself to a massage. If you prefer a quaint B&B in the countryside, rent bikes for the day and explore the local flavor.

5. Set a loose itinerary.

Create a rough schedule of staycation activities just as you would if you were vacationing out of town. Author Karen Leland explains, “What you don’t want on a staycation is to end up hanging out at home, cleaning and doing errands. Setting a loose itinerary helps prevent that.”

6. Enjoy a day-spa package for two.

Find a day spa nearby that offers a package you and your sweetie can enjoy together. As Leland explains, “The great thing about a staycation is that you can still do fun, vacation-like things that feel exotic and special — you’re just not paying for a hotel.”

7. Create a staycation photo album.

You’ll have plenty of fun memories you’ll want to look back on, so take all of the vacation pictures and videos you normally would. “If you have kids, give them each a disposable camera for the week,” suggests Leland. “At the end of your week, sit down together and create a family staycation photo album.”


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