Activities to Entertain Your Kids While Traveling

Activities to Entertain Your Kids While Traveling

Download a fun activity pack for your kids to do while you’re in the air or on the road.

Trips can be tiring for everyone. With a constant rush of being here or there at a certain time, the last thing on your mind is entertainment. So while you’re working out logistics and what you need to do, help your kids have a little fun with these printable activities!

This Kit Includes:

  1. Faces to be filled in: kids can imagine funny characters by drawing moustaches, glasses, etc.
  2. Road trip checklist: kids can focus on the road by trying to find a yellow car, a green truck, an airplane, etc. The winner is the one who completes his list first!
  3. “Spot the odd one out” game. (It’s a smiling zucchini!)

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