Summer Vacation Planning Tips to Save Time and Money

Summer Vacation Planning Tips to Save Time and Money

Get ready for some fun in the summer sun with our vacation planning tips.

By: Mary Ellen M.

After months of bearing frigid temperatures and what seemed like a never-ending winter, the thought escaping into the warm sunshine sounds simply magical. With those blissful thoughts in mind, this is a great time of year to start planning the perfect summer vacation for you and your family. Listed here are a few tips to help you get started and ensure that your crew finds a little summer excitement.

Savvy Saving
Now that all of the gift giving that goes hand-in-hand with the winter holiday season is a thing of the past, there’s no time like the present to start stashing away some cash. Try eating out a little less often or simply finding a few other splurges you can skip. Putting some extra money in the vacation fund now means that you shouldn’t have to skimp when you’re living it up on the trip. Even better, huge credit card bills won’t get in the way of all the fabulous memories you and your family are going to make — and that’s priceless!

Creative Communication
When deciding where to go and what to do, getting the entire family involved helps ensure that the vacation you plan will make everyone happy. Let each family member make a few suggestions about the type of activities they’d like to experience or the sights they’d like to see. You may find that your Jamaican getaway turns into a Florida beach trip or even a scenic tour of the Grand Canyon! Taking everyone’s ideas into account may even inspire a few new and interesting vacation options that the entire group will agree on. Get creative!

Transportation & Destination Deals
According to a number of different travel sites, it’s a good idea to ramp up your vacation search efforts at least 100 days in advance of your trip. There are multiple sites that can aggregate your travel deals and email them directly to your inbox.

Also, remember that being flexible with airport selections, dates and travel times can often help you get the best discounts. Plus, bundling things together, like flights, car rental and hotels, will usually provide additional savings when planning your trip, too. Cha-ching!

Awesome Anticipation
I don’t know about you, but for my family half the fun of vacation is the anticipation of our upcoming trip. Knowing that you have a fun getaway on the horizon gives everyone something to look forward to. We consider this the perfect incentive to keep up those grades for the remainder of the school year or to press on at the daily grind. It also gives us the opportunity to get excited by checking out some of the outdoor adventures, activities and restaurants at our vacation destination.

I always research the city (and oftentimes the surrounding ones as well) online so I can read the reviews of other travelers’ experiences. Believe it or not, finding these interesting tidbits has led to some of our very favorite travel memories. It’s fun to plan out new adventures, and it helps keep the level of excitement at full throttle!


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Don’t wait! Get the family together, get on those travel sites and start scouting. Summer will be here before you know it!

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