Outdoor Chores for Fall

Outdoor Chores for Fall

Enjoy quality time with your family while completing common fall outdoor chores.

Once leaves start turning colors and falling, yard work changes from mowing and watering to raking and upkeep. Turn often-overlooked fall tasks into a time-honored family tradition. Your pre-winter prep work will leave your lawn ready to tackle harsh temperatures and will also give your yard a neat appearance through the chilly months and a fresh face come spring.

Outdoor Chores for Fall
Take in the crisp air, gaze at the autumn colors and enjoy quality time with your family — all while improving the quality of your yard with these common fall chores:

While the hues of autumn leaves blanketing your yard may be stunning, it only takes about a week of leaf buildup to damage certain areas of your yard. Prevent it with these tips:

  • Rake regularly and cover shrubbery with leaf bags. Also continue mowing your yard until the grass stops growing.
  • Make it teamwork! Let one family member rake, another hold the bag and another place the contents into the bag.
  • Check leaf piles for sharp sticks and stones, and then let the kids play in them as a small token of your appreciation for their help.

Tip: If the weather’s nice, take advantage of your tidy yard, gather the family, and play classic games on extra-large blankets.

Save a few leaves and keep their beauty intact to use as decorations in frames as pieces of art.

Garden Cleanup
Your garden needs an annual cleanup as well, especially if you’re planning to maintain a fall vegetable garden.

  • Pull spent annuals, and leave the roots behind to decompose in the soil.
  • Divide perennials to create more thriving plants for next spring’s garden.
  • Clear plant debris and stubborn weeds from garden beds and landscaping.
  • Clean your garden tools to get them ready for winter storage.
  • Start planting bulbs to ensure next springtime’s blooms.

By caring for your lawn and garden in the fall, you can rest assured that they’ll survive the winter and thrive come springtime.

Have a chore or any advice for those battening down their lawns for winter? Let us know in the comments section below!

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