3-Step Quick Clean: Bathroom Sink

Check the bathroom sink off of your to-do list quickly with our 3-step plan.

The sink is one of the most trafficked spots in the bathroom. Get it clean and organized with our simple three-step guide.

Step 1: Clear the Surface: Remove everything from the sink’s surface and set it aside. Keep a crate or basket handy to store items during cleaning sessions.

Step 2: Wipe, Scrub and Stock

  1. Clean all surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner — including the faucet, sink bowl and cabinet doors or sink pedestal. Rinse thoroughly
  2. Soak the toothbrush holder and soap dish in hot water, then rinse thoroughly
  3. Run the opening of the toothpaste tube under hot water and wipe clean with a paper towel to remove buildup
  4. Wipe and dust items like tissue box covers, soap and lotion dispensers, cotton swab containers, jars and bowls
  5. Stock and refill tissues, towels, soap, lotion and other bathroom essentials that reside on the sink’s countertop

Tip: Loosen hard-to-reach dirt and grime around the faucet knobs with a piece of dental floss.

Step 3: Organize
With everything pulled off the sink, it’s a great opportunity to organize.

  • If room allows, place a cake stand on the sink to maximize space. Store often-used items on the pedestal, and tuck rolled towels underneath.
  • Organize under the bathroom sink with a tiered lazy Susan.
  • Empty drawers, wipe them out, then use ice cube trays to store small items and makeup.
  • Hang a pegboard inside the cabinet to organize hair accessories.
  • Color-code the bathroom to keep each family member organized and tidy.

Tip: Why stop at just the sink? Clean your whole bathroom in 30 minutes or less!



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