10 Steps to Organizing an Empowered Life

10 Steps to Organizing an Empowered Life

Use organization expert Star Hansen’s easy tips to get organized.

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by Star Hansen

Our homes can shape our lives. They are launching pads for our busy days, and also our restful getaways for our quiet moments. There are many things we can't control in this world but there are some things we can.


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Our home and physical space is something we can control and it can be a very healing and positive part of our lives. Here are my 10 steps on how you can organize your home, while further empowering your life!

  1. Choose one manageable space to focus on organizing. Think small – pick a drawer, a surface, countertop, bag or box.
  2. Remove all items from the space and place them in a neutral area. I always recommend moving items to a neutral area, away from the original space so that you can work more easily, plus you are not being held to what "has been" in the past. You can break with the old and start fresh.
  3. Sort all items into major categories. Don't make any decisions as you go, just focus on creating major categories. For example: receipts, sports equipment, trash, etc.
  4. Evaluate each category, deciding what should be done with it. The options are pretty simple: keep in this space, move to another room, give back to someone else, donate, trash, recycle.
  5. Contain the items being kept in the space. This is where you can have fun with boxes, baskets, organizing trays, and creative repurposing you might have seen on internet pin-boards and blogs. When it comes to maximizing space, there's really no better solution than clear, plastic bins. They are stackable, sturdy, inexpensive, and you can see what's inside.
  6. Label the containers. If you are using a basket or box, make sure to label all 4 sides so you know what's in there, no matter what direction your box is facing.
  7. Put the containers back into the original space, the placement of the bins depends on the items, the location being organized and the person’s individual style of organizing.
  8. Move all trash, recycling, donation and "lost" items to their final resting place (Lost items are items that belong either somewhere else in the house or in someone else's house).
  9. Beautify the organized space. Even if you simply put a vase with a single flower from your garden, the joy of seeing something beautiful in that space will act as a reward for a job well done. Decorating your newly organized space will also keep you from adding clutter...because who wants to clutter up something that is beautiful and makes us feel good?
  10. Decide what your follow up plan will be for the space. Make it something you can commit to on a regular basis. For example, you may say that all magazines in your reading area must be put away before bed every night, or that all trash items from your car must be taken out when you pump your gas. Try to make your maintenance system an extension of something you already do, as routines always work best when they are triggered by an existing routine.

You deserve to have a home that helps you soar in your life! My tips and steps will help guide you to easily live an organized and empowered life. Remember that when it comes to organizing, like all paths on this journey called life, there is no "done". Just because you eat lunch today doesn't mean that you don't need to eat tomorrow. Upkeep of your space will always be required.

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