11 Moms Share the Household Chore They Hate Most

11 Moms Share the Household Chore They Hate Most

Dishes, laundry, cleaning the toilet? These moms share their most dreaded chores.

By Judy Koutsky

Every woman has that chore she absolutely loathes. Personally, I don’t mind the laundry, the dishes, even vacuuming, but organizing the closets does me in every time. We tend to overfill our closets so the door can barely close. Then, when it’s time to dig through and change clothes for the new season (from winter to spring, or lugging out the summer swimsuits and towels) I’m tempted to buy new clothes instead of having to dig through bags, suitcases, and boxes.

Here, 11 other moms share the chores they would do anything to get out of doing, and why.

1. “I have three boys (plus my husband). Needless to say, our bathroom is disgusting. I’d rather re-grout the garage before cleaning the toilet.” -- Janice, Chicago, Illinois

2. “The problem with laundry is that we live in an apartment building, so it’s like doing laundry back in the college dorms. The machines are in the basement, you have to time it out right away so someone is not touching your stuff, and half the time, the machines don’t work properly. My dream is to someday have my own washer and dryer.” -- Liz, Austin, Texas

3. “I know I shouldn’t complain, because before dishwashers people had to do everything by hand, but I hate all the steps. First, you have to clean the dish before putting it in the dishwasher, then, the dishwasher never quite dries the dishes, so I have to dry them after they’ve been washed. Then, of course I have to put everything away. It’s not as easy as it looks.” -- Lorraine, Seattle, Washington

4. “We have one of those diaper pails that are supposed to eliminate smells, but really, an explosive diaper -- and my baby has them often -- means a messy, smelly, yucky mess.” -- Eliza, Peoria, Illinois

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5. “I thought it was hard bathing my toddler twins, but washing the dog is a million times worse. I didn’t even want a dog, but of course I’m the one stuck taking him for walks, cleaning up his waste, and vacuuming dog hair -- all of which I’d rather do than giving him his weekly bath.” -- Elizabeth, St. Louis, Missouri

6. “I always think of dusting as something that was done in the 1950s -- does anyone really do that anymore? But we live in New York City on the ground floor, and the amount of dirt and grime that comes in through the window is astounding. I literally have to dust each week or an inch of filth accumulates.” -- Jessica, New York City

7. “My mom always got on her hands and knees to wash floors, and she imparted on me that’s the only way to make it really clean. So, that’s what I do. It kills my back (and my knees), but I feel guilty if I don’t have squeaky clean floors.” -- Dina, Berwyn, Illinois


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8. “There was a horrible smell coming from the fridge not long ago, and I had to go through all the containers and packages to see where it was coming from. I’m horrible about labeling things, so I’m never quite sure when something is about to go bad. I now try to make a point of cleaning the fridge once a month, but I dread it.” -- Brigit, San Antonio, Texas

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9. “Some people can’t wait to garden, but I despise it. I keep trying to plant flowers that will come back every year, but I clearly must be doing something wrong, because I’m stuck planting flowers each and every year. I hate everything about it: the dirt, the worms, the gunk under my nails. Ugh. Sometime, I think I should just pour some cement and call it a day.” -- Ridge, Portland, Oregon

10. “While I don’t mind throwing it in the machine, it’s the hand-washing [laundry] that kills me. I never really know when it’s clean, I hate that it drips everywhere, and it takes forever to dry. I try and buy only machine-washable clothes.” -- Lily, Orlando, Florida

11. “We have five kids, and with separating everything into recycling and trash, it’s messy and yucky. Things are often put in the wrong bins, bottles aren’t rinsed out, and sometimes there are ants. It’s all kind of gross.” -- Lisa, Traverse City, Michigan

What chore do you hate doing?

Judy Koutsky is the former Editorial Director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also Executive Editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com. Follow her on Twitter @JudyKoutsky.

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I dread doing dishes. I love, love, love cooking. I bribe my husband and kids with baked treats and their favorite food so they do not mind washing dishes.

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I am loving the chore sharing,personally i hate cleaning my boys bathroom,and thank goodness the dog is not allowed inside.

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