3 Tips for a Fresh and Organized Laundry Room

3 Tips for a Fresh and Organized Laundry Room

Keep odor and clutter out of your laundry room with these easy organization tips.


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Your laundry room is a high-traffic zone where odors come and go as they please. Organization can be nearly impossible at times with a house full of kids. Use our tips to make the most of your laundry-day routine by dividing your laundry tasks into three separate organized areas.

1. Create a Dirty Clothes Sorting Station
Place hampers, plastic storage bins or even newly purchased trashcans in your laundry room. Consider organizing clothes by color, material or family member, using labels to spell out your system.

Tip: Line each individual family member’s hamper with a laundry bag so just the bag can easily be carried to the laundry room for sorting.

2. Organize Your Washing and Drying Area
Maximize the space above or around your washer and dryer with shelving, hooks or a line for air-drying delicate items. Shelves with built-in coat racks are especially convenient for hanging clothes fresh out of the dryer and keeping them wrinkle free!

Set your detergent, fabric softener, stain fighter, dryer sheets and more in one easy-to-access box that can be set on your washing machine when in use and stowed away when laundry’s complete.

Tip: Place a small wastebasket right next to your dryer so you can easily toss away filter lint or used dryer sheets as you empty and fill your dryer.

Tip: If space allows, stack a few laundry baskets on your shelving or near your washer and dryer. It is convenient to have a few on hand; so while one person’s laundry occupies a basket, there’s always another available.

3. Create an Easy Access Folding Center
Dedicate a space in your laundry room to folding. After wiping down the tops of your washer and dryer, consider using the surface for folding. If space allows, attach a hinged table to the wall that can swing down when needed and latch up when not in use.

Tip: If your laundry room is in a large area, like a basement, a repurposed table can make a perfect folding station.

Do you have a must-have for laundry room organization? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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A very useful post for someone who is not accustomed to doing laundry. We already have three baskets- one for innerwear, one for home clothes and one for the outside colored clothes. Also, we have specific laundry days for specific type of clothes. So it is easier to get things done. Everybody meets in the laundryroom at night and does their own folding. Helps us to speak about our day too at that time.

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