4 Tips for a Clean Halloween

4 Tips for a Clean Halloween

Enjoy everyone’s favorite spooky holiday while staying organized and safe.

By: Jenna Birch

Just before Halloween and just after, you’ll have a short window for an indoor and outdoor overhaul. No one is immune to chocolate stains, shedding scarecrows and a prank or two, so be prepared to break out the cleaning supplies.

From seasonal storage and item removal to trick-or-treat cleanup, we have a full guide to getting your house together for Oct. 31.

1. Remove Tripping Hazards
Think about all the trick-or-treaters coming to your door on Halloween night and plan accordingly.

“You want to make sure sidewalk and stairs are clear,” says cleaning coach Leslie Reichert, author of “The Joy of Green Cleaning.” “Check spotlights to make sure they’re not hitting anyone in the eye and remove leaves so the walkway is easy to see.”

2. Think About Décor
This fun-in-theory double-whammy is both a safety hazard and a mess-maker.

“If you like to invite people just inside your door for trick-or-treating, make sure you put the décor far from the door so they aren’t tripping or knocking into it,” says Reichert.

3. Trick or Treat: Chocolate Stains
Whether on your kid or the carpet, chocolate stains are inevitable.


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“First, use an ice cube on the chocolate to freeze it.” Reichert says. “When it’s hard, scrape it off with a butter knife. Try some club soda on the spot, and dab with a white cloth until you can’t see any more residue.”

From there, rub a shoe brush or nail brush on an Ivory soap bar until foamy. Work on the stain from the outside in, dabbing off chocolate as you go. Use rubbing alcohol on the remaining oil spot.

4. Confetti and Glitter
Whether kids track it in, dump it on the floor, or leave it after a party, glitter and confetti can wedge their way between carpet fibers and stick.

“The vacuum will get this up, but you need tools,” Reichert says. “Use the brush attachment and get right down on the floor to scrape it up. You could also lift with a toothbrush or shoe polish brush. The big thing is using bristles.”

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