4 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fast & Efficient

4 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fast & Efficient

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the impossible task we imagine it is.

By Lorraine Allen

‘Tis the season of flowers, butterflies, and lots and lots of mud. It’s the time of year when things bloom, the weather warms up, and we can open our windows wide, and welcome all that sunshine into our lives with glee. But of course, that also means it’s the time of year we all want a fresh start -- and a clean, clutter-free home. Spring cleaning is an exciting challenge for those of us who cannot wait to enjoy the feeling of a newly scrubbed and reorganized home. But it’s also a time we dread, because cleaning a whole house is a WHOLE lot of work!

Often, it feels so daunting and endless that we either can’t even get started, or we can’t finish the job the way we would like to because there is just not enough time or energy, right? Here to help us all get through it, and even enjoy it, are some simple but surprising tips.

1. Carve out the time to get the job done. This is the no. 1 thing you need to be realistic about when doing a major home cleanup, or you are setting yourself up for failure. The simple solution? Setting aside just one hour a day for a week, for example, and plan out what you will tackle during that time. Remember that it's not a race, and spring is LONG! Don’t rush yourself, and you’ll feel less frustrated and overwhelmed.

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2. Get help! If you’re a mom, get your kids to help, at least when you are cleaning their stuff and their rooms. Even if they are as young as 4 or 5, they can sort, put things in the trash, and pick things up. Kids also love to mop, sweep, and wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. They really do! Bribe them with a treat, and you’re golden.

For your larger living spaces like your living room and kitchen, which often hold the most clutter, make it fun by enlisting some of your close friends or family to help you, and bang it out in one evening with them, with pizza and some laughs, and then offer to do the same for them the following week. It’s a win-win for all, and they can help you go through it all two or three times as fast, while making it fun!


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3. Focus on one room at a time. If you feel like you’ll just never get through all the messes or reach each corner, try to stay focused on just one area or whole room at a time, and don't worry if it takes you weeks to get through it all. If you have a large, over-packed living space, like in an apartment, pick one corner at a time, and turn your back on the rest of the mess. It really helps narrow down the situation, and channel your energy and efforts into one manageable space or hurdle at a time.

4. Treat yourself. When it’s done, look around and enjoy the work you’ve done and the wonderful, fresh, clean space you have created. Celebrate by taking a real break, marveling at all the work you have accomplished, and go out and enjoy yourself outside the home. Or buy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers, a plant, or that new rug or throw pillows that will brighten your home even more and bring that extra pop of cheerful color that says, “Yay, spring!”

What are your most simple and effective spring cleaning tips?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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