Small Cleaning Jobs That Make A Big Difference

Small Cleaning Jobs That Make A Big Difference

When you’re pressed for time, these quick and easy housekeeping tips will clean the house fast.

Focus on fingerprints

They may seem a small thing, but clearing away hand or finger smudges helps everything gleam – and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will make short work of the task. Use a soft cloth to quickly target smears on mirrors, framed pictures, bannisters, windows, TVs and computer screens and the entire house will instantly look brighter.

Clear surfaces

Rounding up all the loose paperwork, pens, coins and miscellaneous items that clutter up tabletops, work surfaces, mantelpieces and desks will take the house from messy to meticulous in moments. Gather everything up in a catchall box or tray, store it, then sort through when you have more time.

Scrub taps

Shiny taps give the whole room a facelift – and they don’t require a lot of elbow grease. A gentle lime scale remover will rid your bathroom and kitchen taps of hard water stains and dullness in no time – just spray, wipe and rinse. For more stubborn stains, leave the cleaner on for up to five minutes before you wipe.

Tidy the entrance

First appearances matter, and the sights and smells that greet a visitor when they walk into your home make a huge impact. Ensuring your entryway is a pleasure will have big rewards and doesn’t take a lot of graft – file letters and paperwork, hang bags and jackets tidily and put away shoes. Top it all off with fresh flowers or a scented candle.

Let in air

Opening a few windows will rid the house of stale air, making every room feel fresher and cleaner with very little effort. Easy!

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