5 Easy Food Storage Tips

5 Easy Food Storage Tips

Learn to keep your refrigerator fresh with our five simple storage solutions.

It’s easy to have leftovers piled high in the refrigerator, especially after a big holiday get- together. Keep things fresh with our simple storage solutions, dish cleaning tips and leftover suggestions.

1. Separate and Store
Divide and refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking. You can put warm food directly in the fridge — just be sure to use shallow storage containers to help it cool quicker. Prevent contamination by transferring extra canned products, like soup or gravy, into new containers.

2. Label Your Containers
Before you put your leftovers in the fridge, label them. Simply write the dish name and the date on a sticky note or piece of masking tape, and then attach to your container. You can write the contents directly on the container with a dry-erase marker too.


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3. Consider Expiration Dates
As a general rule, soups, stews, casseroles and cooked meat and poultry will last up to four days. But when in doubt, toss it out! Write the expiration date on the label to help remind others that it's there, too. Hang a pretty calendar on your fridge so everyone always knows if the food is good or not.

4. Clean Daily
Do a quick survey of your fridge every day, toss anything that's spoiled, and then wash any dirty containers so they're ready for the next round of leftovers.

5. Stay Organized
Meat, fish and dairy items should go toward the bottom, as it’s often coldest there. Use the top shelves for leftovers and drinks that you’ll use often and quickly.

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Will masking tape come off easily after it has gotten cold? I assume you cannot use this method in the freezer because of the "label"being difficult to come off. What kind of label was used in the picture? Thank you!

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Great tips! Thanks!

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