5 Keys for Cleaning Your Grill in a Flash

5 Keys for Cleaning Your Grill in a Flash

No-fail tips to make your grill sparkle before your next family BBQ.

Author: Alicia C.

I'm married to an Argentinean, and as you can imagine, there's no get-together big or small at our house at which we don't make use of the BBQ to grill all types of meats and sausage; we also make vegetables and even fruits. Everyone loves it and we easily recreate the ambience of the celebrations of our countries.

For many years I did everything possible to avoid the grill; you wouldn't have believed that I actually would love it. The problem was cleaning the grill afterward, when the grease from the food was stuck to the metal. Fortunately my problems have been solved with the discovery of a few no-fail techniques:

1. Heat up the grill before cooking. Heating the BBQ to the maximum temperature will cause any stuck on food remnants to become unstuck. It's important to not only remove any danger of bacterial contamination, but it also helps you avoid a horrible burning food odor when you use the grill.

2. Use metal trays. It's worth the trouble to invest a few dollars for the metal trays they sell for roasting food on the BBQ. If you prefer, you can use aluminum foil so the food doesn't stick and it'll make clean-up much easier.

3. Buy a wire brush. Have it near the grill and occasionally brush it through the metal grid, even when you're cooking. As both the metal and the stuck pieces of food are hot, they will fall off easily.

4. Sprinkle sand. When you're finished grilling, sprinkle sand on the grill, (be careful if you have a gas grill so as not to obstruct anything.) The sand will stick to any accumulated grease and is easily brushed off later.

5. Hot water and grease-cutting soap. To finish the job, wash all the surfaces with hot water and Dawn dish soap, which will cut any remaining grease. Dry everything with Bounty paper towels.

Your grill is now ready for your next fiesta!


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