5 Stress-free Tips to Organize Your Closet

5 Stress-free Tips to Organize Your Closet

Have your clothes and accessories ready to be used with our 5 simple tips and tricks.

By: Alicia C.

You know you own that shirt, but you can't find it, or you find it days later all wrinkled in the corner of your closet. This is almost as annoying as putting on a pair of pants that don't button or finding out you don't have anything appropriate to wear when it comes time to get dressed. And let's not even talk about when you see your husband's or your kids' closets and you realize all that work you did doing and organizing laundry was all wasted time. I don't know how that makes you feel, but I feel like crying! I feel like someone whose effort hasn't been valued.

But I've found a solution and in my house, we've greatly reduced — almost to zero — those stressful moments with these five tips that I'm going to share with you right now:


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  1. Create a place for each item. It may seem like a lie, but it's way easier to put things in order when you know where you have to put your socks, T-shirts or purses. If you don't have space for everything, improvise. My purses are in clear plastic bins, the ones that can slide under my bed. It's a matter of getting creative. No one ever said you can't store your son's soccer balls in clothing hampers.
  2. Be creative with your organization system. My kids and my husband always used to roll up their tees and shirts and put them in their drawers. It was a huge headache. Now, I hang everything that can be hung. I've also put hooks at my kids' height for those times when they take something from the hanger and wear it, but it can be used again. This has been great helping them remember not to leave things on the floor. 
  3. Think about your family members and in their style of arranging their things. There are some people who are "hoarders," they lump things one on top of the other and make mountains. Others are a bit more organized. My kids and I are hoarders, which is why our everyday shoes are kept in baskets. You may think this could get messy, but the truth is we've never misplaced a shoe since we've been doing this! This is because just the thought of having to place them neatly side-by-side on shoe racks did not work for us, but this system did.
  4. Organize by occasion. Hanging all your dresses together, shirts together, pants together, and so on, just does not work anymore. Rather than do this, organize areas for your work clothes, sporty clothes, and special occasion wear. If you have the space, hang some of the less-used clothing, like party dresses, in another closet of your home so it doesn't get in the way of the day-to-day.
  5. Before going to bed, give your closet a look. I've discovered that my kids will do anything to keep from going to bed. That's why I ask them to do what they hate to do the most just before bedtime. In my house, the rule is that we leave the clothes for the next day ready from the night before and check that there is nothing out of place in their closets. My husband and I do the same thing before going to sleep. It's a habit that will add five minutes to your routine, but will save you time - and most importantly, your sanity--later.

When it comes to keeping your home organized, what is your greatest challenge?

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