6 Ways Decluttering Promotes Health and Happiness

6 Ways Decluttering Promotes Health and Happiness

Need some real spring cleaning motivation? Start here.

By Lorraine Allen

As a new season begins, many of us look for motivation to clean house, and rid ourselves of frustrating, useless possessions that clutter our living spaces and lives. We’re all so busy, though – and it can be hard to carve out the time to truly declutter our homes, no matter how much we might want a neat, airy space to live in. But according to experts like Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru and with a massive global following, there are many important reasons to do this, including better health and happiness. Here’s why tidying and paring down your stuff is truly worth any amount of time it might take:

1. When we toss unwanted and unused items, we surround ourselves with only things that make us really happy, all the time, and we can find those items much faster, when we want them, saving time and energy searching for things regularly.

2. If we take the time to carefully consider and rethink all our earthly possessions, and keep only things that “spark joy,” we’ll have more energy to focus on also doing only things that make us happy. Many of Mari Kondo’s clients, after clearing out their clutter once and for all, finally figured out what they wanted to do most with their lives, and found ways to make it happen. In her opinion, de-cluttering opens up worlds of possibilities by freeing us from unwanted burdens—a truly wonderful thing.

3. A home full of things, which are meaningless and useless to us, is a frustrating place to live. Clutter not only wastes time, space and energy, but causes tension in relationships, marriages and families, too. Getting rid of clutter erases much of this tension and can lead to happier, less stressful family life and relationships.

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4. When we are not surrounded by things we don’t love, use, or need, we get that same amazing aaaahhh feeling as when we go on vacation and we get to enjoy a clean, clutter-free room for a few days, with so little to clean up each day. Suddenly we have so much more time and energy to devote to people, hobbies, and activities that improve our mood and health instead, like meditation, exercise, or hanging out with friends. Just picture it: Imagine rooms in your own home which are as almost as neat and clutter-free as a hotel, and which hold only your family’s favorite, most useful and necessary things. How great would that be?

5. We’ve all heard the saying “Less is more.” Decluttering experts agree that if we are able to cut back on our clutter, and live with less, we will gain much more peace, calm, and happiness and we can focus on truly enjoying the items we do hold onto, that are special to us, while they last.

6. If we consider for just a moment how much we all loathe messes and clutter, it stands to reason that by taking this massive frustration out of our daily lives, for good, we have nothing but joy to gain from it.

What motivates you to de-clutter your home?

Lorraine is a parenting, health and food writer, and shares her family’s allergy-friendly recipes at MixPlayEat.com.

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