9 Solutions to 9 Common Laundry Problems

9 Solutions to 9 Common Laundry Problems

Here are 9 easy solutions for making laundry day a bit more efficient.

By: Aimelin S.

None of us can skip laundry time, and if you’re a mom like me, this task is no longer an option but a priority. You put the clothes in the washer, press some buttons and we go do something a little more important elsewhere. I mean, why be there? The machine does all the work for us after all! Nevertheless, there are some ways to perfect this process. Here’s how to extend the life of your clothes with easy solutions to common problems that arise in the laundry room.

Smelly Clothes
If, after wear, your clothes don’t exactly smell like roses, especially below the sleeves, you should try washing them with a detergent designed with sportswear in mind (even if you were nowhere near a gym). Give Tide Boost Febreze Sport a try and tell us what you think.

Whites Come out Yellowish
I think we’ve all encountered this problem at one point, but if the problem persists, try throwing in some Tide Vivid White and Bright Boost pills into the machine when you wash your whites.

Grease Stains
Grease stains are tough to get out. I remember my mom would do it by hand by putting a little bit of detergent and water directly on the stain and forcefully scrubbing it. If you want to put a little less elbow grease into it, use Gain Original Clean Boost Liquid and you’ll get to keep your manicure too.

Clothes that Bleed
If you color-code your garments before washing them, it will help minimize the problem, but if it persists I suggest you try Tide Plus Colorguard.


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Wrinkled Clothes
It is important to always take your clothes out of the dryer as soon as it is finished in order to avoid this problem, but sometimes there is so much to do that this is not always possible. Keeping this in mind, I always have Downy Wrinkle Releaser in stock just in case.

Clothing with Lint
This happens frequently at my house, especially when we forget to check the pockets and the kids had stuffed tissues and other things in them. To remove lint, small pieces of paper and pet hair that sticks, I use Bounce Lint and Freshness Rollers.

Rough Clothes
Certain fabrics harden when coming into contact with water. Downy Infusions Sage Jasmine Sheets soften these fabrics and give them a wonderful smell.

Clothes that Come Out Looking Unwashed
Do your clothes not look washed to you when they come out? Did you know that washing machines are one of mold’s favorite places? Yes, and the solution is to clean your machine with Tide Washing Machine Cleaner.

Just-Stained Clothing
This is very common, especially if you have small children and you’re running everywhere without time to check yourself in a mirror. This is the reason why I carry Tide To Go in my purse, always.

What shortcuts do you use on laundry?

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