Birch Tree Shelves

Birch Tree Shelves

Learn how easy it is to build these whimsical shelves with Amy Devers’ instructions.

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These fun birch tree shelves are perfect for displaying baby mementos and creating extra storage in a room.

Sheet of 1⁄2-inch plywood
Safety glasses
Jigsaw (optional)*
Carpentry clamps (optional)
Chopsaw (optional)*
2 1/2- and 3-inch screws
Latex paint (in desired color)
Paint roller
Paint brushes
Paint pan
Stud finder (optional)
L-shelf brackets
Decorative storage baskets

*Tip: If you do not have a jigsaw or chopsaw, you can have your local hardware store do the cutting for you.

Construction Instructions

  1. Using a pencil, freehand draw the birch tree onto the plywood, measuring the height of the room. Your tree can be any width that you’d like. Try measuring about 13 inches across as a starting point. See drawing below for a freehand reference
  2. While wearing safety glasses, use a jigsaw to carefully cut out the tree along the drawn lines. You may want to clamp down the wood for extra stability
  3. Determine the number of shelves you would like to have and measure them to 12 by 8 inches on the plywood. Carefully cut out your shelves with a chopsaw
  4. Build two wooden brackets out of scrap plywood, which will be used to support the tree on the wall. Cut one 1- by 4-inch plywood plate and one 2- by 4-inch plywood arm. Attach the plate to the arm using two screws, creating an L shape
  5. Sand the completed base, shelves and wooden brackets to ensure they are smooth
  6. Paint the birch tree base and shelves with white paint, using a paint roller and brushes. Paint the brackets the same color as the wall. Allow time to dry completely
  7. In order to mount the tree, locate the stud in the wall with a stud finder. Once you’ve located the stud, mount the two L-shape brackets onto the wall with a drill and 3-inch screws. There should be one towards the bottom and one towards the top of where your birch tree will live
  8. With your wood brackets now mounted to the wall, move the tree into place, ensuring that it is resting flat on the floor
  9. Mount the birch tree directly to the wood brackets, using two 2 1/2-inch screws

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Assembly Instructions

  1. Once the tree is in place on the wall, it is time to assemble the shelves. Use two L-shelf brackets and four 2 1/2-inch screws per shelf. Decide where you want to place the shelves. Before you screw the two brackets into place, determine the different heights for your shelves and use a level to ensure the shelves will sit flat. Using a pencil, mark their positioning
  2. Screw the backside of the brackets directly into the tree. With the brackets in place, sit the shelves on top of each pair of brackets. Once again, make sure the shelves are level and then screw them into the tops of each bracket
  3. Place decorative storage baskets on a few of the shelves and leave a few empty, ready for books or other freestanding items

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