Fay Wolf’s 5 Organizing Essentials

Fay Wolf’s 5 Organizing Essentials

Discover organizing expert Fay Wolf’s 5 essentials for organizing your workspace.

A recurring theme to staying organized is having a place for everything. This applies even to the seemingly small items that clutter your desk, including pens, paper clips and that pesky paperwork. Here are five things you can add to your workspace to keep things organized long after you de-clutter:


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  1. Trays are a stylish and decorative alternative to standard plastic inboxes. They’re great for controlling paper clutter instead of allowing piles to take over your desk. Another plus is that they hold a finite amount of paper. If your paper stack reaches the top of the tray, you know it’s time to take action.

  2. Utilize unconventional materials for desktop storage. You don’t have to limit your choices to what’s available in the office supply section. Use a glass jar, metal tray, or ceramic dish to store your pens, rubber bands, etc.

  3. Reuse your checkbook boxes as drawer dividers for batteries, sticky notes, or anything else you can imagine!

  4. Gadgets always come with so many cords these days, so an easy way to keep all your cords corralled is to up-cycle an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube. Stuff the cords inside the tubes, and label the tubes so that you know which cords belong with which items.

  5. A regular time to declutter! Choose a time every week where you and your family members declutter. Stick to decluttering one space at a time, which means less distraction and greater results. The beginning of the day (right after an energizing meal) is an ideal time to declutter. Pick a target area within a larger room if necessary. Even 20 - 30 minutes can make a huge difference for you!

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