Garage Organization Tips

Garage Organization Tips

Discover six organizers to get your garage orderly in unique and easy ways.

The garage is often a place that collects clutter slowly. You never quite know what you’re going to find when the big clean happens. You can avoid the headache and frustration next time by keeping the garage orderly every day with these unique ideas.

Hang a heavy-duty magnetic strip on the wall or in a cabinet to hold items like screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches. It’s also a handy tool for storing keys by the door.

Tip: Add decorative touches to your garage. Use wallpaper and fabric scraps to liven up storage containers like coffee cans and baskets, or paint the walls in vivid, lively colors!

Lazy Susan
Set atop a workbench or shelf, a lazy Susan can provide a unique storage space for cleaning products, rags, trash bags, motor oil, paint cans, car-washing supplies and more. Just spin to find what you need!

Tip: Don’t have a lazy Susan? Store items in the slots of a hanging shoe organizer hung on the wall or back of a door.

A perfect tool to corral camping clutter and sports equipment, a crate makes a great grab-and-go option, from garage shelf to car trunk.

Tip: Finding extra flowerpots and gardening seeds while cleaning and organizing? Decorate the pots, and make a seed storing kit to preserve extra seeds.


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Hang a pegboard on the wall, and then attach hooks to organize keys, dog leashes, hats, umbrellas and tools. Attach shoes together by their shoelaces with a binder clip and hang them, too.

Tip: Organize your garden tools or hang a step stool on the rungs of a rake attached to the wall.

Use empty jars as-is, or screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf as a twist-and-go storage option for screws, nuts, bolts, string and other small garage items.

Tip: Instead of pitching egg cartons, use the handy slots to organize nuts and bolts or seasonal decorations like ornaments.

Set coolers, boxes of seasonal décor, bike helmets and more on shelves to keep floor space clear. Purchase them at your local hardware store or repurpose old bookcases and dressers.

Tip: Attach heavy-duty hooks under shelves, and use them for hanging bikes, ladders and lawn care equipment.

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