Get Organized for a Perfect New Year

Get Organized for a Perfect New Year

Get all your holiday décor put away neatly so you can focus on the new year!

Do you find yourself wondering, while standing in your family room looking at your mantel or the walls, how you’ll ever have time to take all your holiday décor down? Before you find yourself entertaining the idea of never decorating anything again, read these top tips and your house will soon be back in order.

Goodbye, Décor — until Next Year
After having removed all the decorations, get rid of anything that is ruined. Clean the other ornaments, ribbons or baubles to remove any residue or dust. It is best to store them in a large box after wrapping them in tissue paper.

Any string lights must also be checked, and if they don’t work, discard them. Don’t cut corners or be overly sentimental when keeping something that could pose a potential fire or shatter hazard.

A Useful Inventory of Gifts
Here is a good rule to start following when putting gifts away: Write down what gifts you have given and what you have received, to whom and from whom.

There will always be an opportunity during the year to re-gift items that don’t necessarily suit you to someone who would love them for a birthday or other celebration. The list you made will help prevent any embarrassing mistakes!


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As for the paper from the packages and the ribbons, if you keep some of the beautiful packaging and store it in a box together with the ribbons, you could always use what you need to wrap last-minute presents without spending a dime.

And Lastly, Use a Little Elbow Grease
Once all the holidays have come and gone, the time comes for a deep clean.

Vacuum every corner and also check gaps and cracks of the flooring and the sofa cushions. Floors should be washed thoroughly with a product that cleanses and creates a sheen to restore its beautiful shine.

In the kitchen, clean all the tiles, the microwave, the stove or any other place that saw a lot of action in the past month or two. Try a lightly scented one to give you a springtime breeze feeling.

Although the holidays may have felt like they flew by, just thinking back on all the new memories should make all the preparation worth it!

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