How to Clean Air Conditioners

How to Clean Air Conditioners

Make sure your air conditioners are in tip-top shape with our 5-step cleaning method.

It’s summertime and that means your air-conditioning units will be getting put to work. Make sure they're in tip-top shape and clean before the hot summer months arrive by giving them a quick cleaning. Here’s our five-step method.

Note: Turn unit off and disconnect from its power source, if possible, prior to cleaning for safety and to prevent damage.

Flat-head screwdriver
Small-bristled brush*
Garden hose

*Tip: Find a small-bristled brush at your local hardware store, or use a kitchen scrub brush.


  1. Unscrew and remove top of unit, or external mesh and paneling, to reach the coils*
  2. Use the brush to carefully remove small, loose debris caught in the coils
  3. Dislodge items the brush couldn’t by carefully using the flat-head screwdriver. Push bent coils back in place
  4. Spray out remaining dirt on the coil with hose. Start at the top and move right to left, sweeping downward, keeping water on low pressure
  5. Replace top or side paneling and mesh

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*Tip: Take pictures of the removal process so that putting your air conditioner back together will be a breeze.

Tip: It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your air-conditioning system every year to ensure everything is working at its best!

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